How Your Brain Works When You're Depressed | Better | NBC News

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Depression is linked to changes in several parts of the brain. Here’s how depression works and how the brain can overcome it.
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How Your Brain Works When You’re Depressed | Better | NBC News

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Kylie says:

It just doesn't work 😂😂

Dev Nicole says:

I wish I could be healed

Jayson T says:

According to this video, only females get depressed…

Mitzi de Guzman says:

I don’t even have enough energy and focus to watch this video 🥲

shrub says:

ive been doing all of these things for YEARS now why is it only getting worse

Anjo The Weezky says:

Lift in few weeks??? That's the biggest cap I've ever heard… I got depression for years meds or no meds therapy makes no difference

Rana Urvish says:

Thank you for your information

Aiden Law says:

I was just having a good time and good thoughts. Then all of a sudden I got this feeling of overwhelming dread and sadness

Cheng says:

it doesn't work or function….!!

Kenny Funseth says:

I dont subscribe to fake news

T Pi says:

does this apply to men too?

scott thomas says:


Sean smith says:

Because men can't be depressed?

Midnight Blackheart says:

Depression doesn't always have a cure whether you're on medication or not I've had depression for 18 years now and half the time I still feel bad and wish I was dead its a disease and disorder call it what you will but its not going away

Shield Warrior says:

if U have depression then go to Andrew Tate speech of depression it will help a lot to remove your depression

vishnu narayanan says:

Just go out.. Get some fresh air… Work.. Don't bother about anything… healthy food, listen to good music, chill out with frnds, go for movies…. All these do it and u wont have depression…. 😔the most common dilgs we use to hear but the feeling we have when we are depressed we can't even express it.. Feel like crying for no reason,the head weight we still cant figure and soo much negetive thoughts and tiredness and the feeling out ending up lyf… Its easy to say but this is hard.. When u have it we will pray that no one else should have this.. I have been on medication since better now but when i look back at those days.. I still have fear and im scared…. 😔😔.. Those who have it.. Fight it.. Dont listen to those dumb inspiration. Consult a Doctor.. He knows what to do.. It have a cure and trust me it may take time but life is worth living

Gerardo G says:

Even with all the technological and medical advances, there's a lot that is still unknown about depression and other mental illnesses. I've suffered it for many years (since I was 23 until today, and I'm 56). What helped me the most was psychotherapy, medications, and my faith. I'm catholic and my religion has helped me accept the illness, etc., and I'm actually healing, I think. I believe that when I was 23 and had the depressive crisis, some of my brain structures changed in size, and it's taken a long time to recover, but life is worth living. It's always better to live, even if you're not living to the fullest of your capacity to enjoy, etc. It's worth it for yourself and for the people that love you, and for God.

Vinod says:

As I strongly believe that no one in this world deserves to go through depression..
Here is my experience with that rough phase of my life…
It took me 4 rough months of my life to come out of that unexplainable pain and mental trauma..
First of all..
During depression each person degree of emotional pain they bear is different…
Depression can come from any emotional side like love, feelings attachments, unfulfilled wishes, especially expectations etc ..
The first thing is to identify from what it caused.. Usually the depressed person knows the cause..

If it is Bcoz of a person( as in my case)
Slowly just avoid that person, in the sense, decrease the amount of time you both encounter each other in a day..
This will help a lot in long run..
And don't stay alone, always try to be with someone, more better if you indulge yourself into some hobbies or work.. I was in severe depression, I want to commit suicide to come out of that pain which no one can understand, nor I can explain..
Whenever I feel so low I used to take my running shoes and go for running.
Fortunately there is huge ground next to my place..
It didn't matter what the time was, I just run like someone after my life till I couldn't run any longer..
But this works for just temporary time span just to get out the low feeling for that moment.
I strongly advise you to go temple,
Previously I used feel so much positivity in temples, but during depression I couldn't feel any of that sort. But don't quit just go, coz during depression Ur positive energy levels are literally zero.. Temples are place full of positive energy, allow it to absorb into you.. U can go for church or mosque too as per your wish.
I strained my body with physical activities to forget the emotional pain I was going through.. It really does work to some extent, I advise you to go for gym or take any sports..
Eat healthy yes it is important, even food holds some energy, avoid junk food as much as possible..
During depression we think a lot, really a lot… We overthinking about everything and about everyone..
Just stop it, I know it is difficult, sometimes you lost yourself in those thoughts unknowingly.. It happens.. But pls try to avoid it. Overthinking is the main culprit..
If you can't avoid the person or place or something that is reason for your problem, just go away for it as long as possible, make new frnZ and meet new people, I know even that is difficult, literally almost everything feels like a burden but you should believe in yourself, you are the only person who can help yourself, no one else can do it for you unless you really trust them so…
I'm basically a strong willed person, I never expected something like this would happen to me but happened.. But I always believed even in my low times that time will heal everything and it really did.
I set a goal for myself and worked hard for it that acted as a distraction from my thoughts..
Basically depression is all about your mind and thoughts, if you can control it you will win.
I strongly advice you to stop listening sad songs, or movies etc.
Listen motivation stuff, if possible read gita.. That really works
Sometimes our depression increase due to some vitamin deficiency, B12 or something I don't remember exactly, try to take that as a supplement.. Allow yourself to stay in early sunrise…
If possible adopt a pet,
If possible cry, yes cryy as much as you want..
All you need to do is to distract yourself from that thoughts.. And indulge yourself with something else which doesn't allow you overthinking.
Even during recovery phase, it doesn't happen rapidly it comes gradually..
Acceptance is the ultimate relief of your pain.
Accept the fact that whatever happened you can't change anything.
Just accept and move on.
The truth about depression healing is, you don't get away from depression, you just start to accept your condition and start to cope up with it. Accept it like it is part of your life and embrace it and move on change comes gradually don't expect immediate results.

Never lose hope, always strongly believe that you will get out that rough phase and you will become even stronger..
I fight all alone by myself, I never shared with anybody how I actually felt..
That was the worst phase my life..
But I always believed I will become normal again and here I'm stronger than ever.
Never lose hope.
Time will heal everything.
Believe in yourself you are the only person who can help yourself..
Acceptance and coping up with it is the key..
I know it will hard but if I can do it so do you..
May all the gods watch over you..
Take care survivors…

JNB says:

Am I the only person who thinks that maybe the depressed people are the sane ones, how can people live in this world and not everyone be depressed?

JoshxIZ says:

I have had it for over 10 years. I have been on antidepressants but stopped taking them in 2018…I started taking herbal supplements instead. I can't say if it was a good choice or not I still have troubles obviously. Lack of social life, lack of sleep and lack of exercise are the major causes of depression in my case.
I havent had any real friends for 10 years, haven't exercised on a regular basis for 10 years, havent slept well for 10 years. my head is not well. 😅

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