Husband Fights For Wife's Recovery After Brain Injury, Insurance Loss

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Jessica Kartalija reports.

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Matt P says:

Jennifer Sarah Granek passed away April 1, 2022. Rest in Eternal Peace.

Mikir Albar says:

Is she better now?

Darkangel 1970 says:

This is heartbreaking, however realistically how much chance is there for any real worthwhile improvement? It has been over a year, and she looks pretty bad to me, if i was the partner i wouldn't want her to live like that! My partner and i have always said if either was left in more or less a vegetative state, do the kind thing and put us out of our misery! The woman he knew has gone, and unlikely coming, back time to face reality, however heartbreaking it must be, and the cost of the care is insane, he can't expect anyone to keep paying that each month, they have already paid out over a quarter of a million, with little to no improvement, you have to draw the line somewhere, sorry just my opinion!

hotbambi2010 says:

So so very sad 🥺🥺🥺💔💔

Yvette X says:

Fish oil high dose can help heal the brain

Debbie Jones says:

Insurance companies are only in the business of collecting premiums, not paying claims.

Hassan Tucker says:

It’s the suffering in this life that causes us to look for our true home.

bigbadbruins1 says:

I would rather be dead.

hotbambi2010 says:

How awful poor woman

Chris topher says:

Medicare for all! Screw you idiot Republicans and corporate democrats and greedy insurance companies

Unique Jujie says:

Irreversible brain injury renders one to remain in a vegetative state therefore aggressive PT is won't help

Maddy Gates says:

Set up a GoFundMe & take her to Sheppard Trauma.

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