"I forgot…" – The Frustration of Forgetting after Brain Injury!

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“I forgot…” how frustrating is it to always be forgetting things? Let’s talk about the common symptom of memory loss after brain injury!
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Megan Hamilton says:

i love you!!!

Ann says:

The memory problem is very frustrating 😕. It is more frustrating for others than for me, but it is getting much worse, and the dystonia, Parkinsonism and other movement disorders are progressing..

witchone says:

Thats me. I do get fed up with people telling me thats not so bad everyone forgets things. They do not understand the extent.

John Forde says:

Your so Empathetic ,Nice & Beautiful. I wish you all the best

you're my sun Shine🌻😻 says:

Bless your heart

Hood Priestess Tarot says:

Don't worry. I erased my bf from my mind. Completely. Took me 20 years to remember him. 🤭

Abigail Brennan says:

Dry erase board on the fridge!!! And the kid chore charts. + post it notes by things they have been lifesavers for me!

Jury & Recital May says:

Because the brain is 50% dedicated to vision vision therapy has helped me a lot sometimes it gets worse and then better

Jury & Recital May says:

Vision therapy has helped w my fatigue not my memory a lot.

Gopher says:

After a car accident last September I now forget things a short time after someone tells me something, my short term memory is now really bad. I forget words half way through a conversation with anyone, don’t know why but I’m going for tests

Faisal Bi says:

Memory problem is permanent?

Faisal Bi says:

Hi so this problem never be same as before?

Don Schofield says:

Thank you, Your not alone. I have to completely change My way of life! seeing it was so so hard. 4 head concoctions , and spinal injuries in 6 places. Always been The Victim!. things at my age? I have to put my phone on the charger, so know where it is! tools? must be put away ASAP! & Double Check Things; Mechanically Still Brilliant. Thank God!!!

Brian Bayer says:

Eh, I just found ur video, and I am constantly forgetting and losing things, after a tbi in ‘09. It has gotten better, I tell myself, but without the helps, like u mention in the video, I’m a mess. Well, can be. I try to force my mind to work, until I start getting tired. But idk I’m there all the time, at that slippery moment. So yeah, my notebooks are great, but only as long as I read them lol

Hecter Procter says:

Hi Christabelle, I just saw your YouTube film for the first time and I guess it’s been a long time coming but there’s been a long time gone. My severe TBI occurred in July 1987 and after that I had on memory started coming back about a month in the hospital till I forced my way out two months after in the hospital because that was my way at the time but I do want to add was I ever warned against it. I finally got my papers from the hospital back then this past year and it said I definitely head post traumatic amnesia which for some reason didn’t ring a bell when I first read it but it makes perfect sense today. Even with small accomplishments in the last three decades I still do wonder where to go from here because as you probably know as well life becomes more challenging as the years roll on but that amnesia somehow never fully goes away and it just doesn’t keep up with the pace of life‘s demands. I hope this transcription from voice to print went OK it often has some major terrible glitches but I’ve talked as clear as I can and I am hoping that the message gets through clearly for further enlightenment on my part because it seems right now I am grabbing in every which direction I can. Thank you and I would appreciate any input from you and I am so glad I saw your video it was refreshing.

BornInJordan says:

You are cute.

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