Ian Anger Issues After Brain Injury

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He get’s angry.

I don’t know if he said anything but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I usually go over to his house and some days he’ll get up and he’ll be fine. Other days he’ll get up and he has an attitude. He gets very angry. Nothing has been said. Nobody is there except him and I. The kids are there but they’re not up yet. And for whatever reason he’s angry. And if I say something to him he starts getting very loud and he gets this attitude like it’s your fault.

And I said to him you know if you’re going to talk to me that way I can leave. So I said whatever is bugging you, you either let, talk to me about it or back off. And I haven’t seen him throw anything but he does get angry and likes to, for a while there he would slam doors and drawers and stuff because he didn’t know what else to do.

They have been at our house, something would trigger him. He’d be angry and he won’t say anything to anybody and first you know he has disappeared. What he does is he starts walking home. We live about two miles from where they live. And he’s done that on different occasions. Or he’ll just, he can be home and he’s done it, pick up, get in his car and start driving.

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