ICFYB: Sleep After a Brain Injury

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In this episode of I CARE FOR YOUR BRAIN with Dr. Sullivan, board certified neuropsychologist Dr. Karen D. Sullivan discusses sleep after a brain injury of any kind, from stroke to traumatic brain injury and everything in between, why it matters and ways to improve your sleep. Learn more at www.icfyb.com or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/icareforyourbrain

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d Eddie says:

What about exposure to high levels of lead when I was a baby – till about 10 years old my dad worked with lead and I would pick it up as kid and chew on it because it was soft and chewy…… I always had problem sleeping my entire life tried… everything now about 55 years old and I only sleep every 3 or 4 days for an 1 or 2 ,the longest time has been 3 weeks without sleeping….. And then even then I only slept for 2 hours then was up for days again anymore I just lay in bed and trying rest my body…..

Elaine Helms says:

After I had a Brain Stem ( Pons) Stroke a Doctor mentioned your website while I was still in ReHab. You had just made a very informative PONS Video 3 weeks (2/18/18) before I suffered the Stroke in my sleep. You gave me HOPE when the Doctors didn't know what to do with me! Couldn't fall asleep at all and it was frustrating. Doing so much better now. Thank you for being there! ♥️

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