#icushort 215: Hypoxic vs Anoxic brain injury (encephalopathy) #esbicm #shorts

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Hypoxic vs Anoxic brain injury (encephalopathy)

Difference between Hypoxic vs Anoxic brain injury (encephalopathy)
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@armour9964 says:

Preparing for neet PG still getting clinical knowledge from you is a blessing ❤

@rajeshmukati2815 says:

Sir pls make detailed vedio on IABP.

@BhavanaMeda says:

Sir what is the preferred steroid in HIE in hanging bcoz dexa Crosses BBB and methylpred is preferred in spinal injury? Thanks in advance sir

@drmohammadmehedihasan1198 says:

From where to read, Dr😊?

@vibess483 says:

sir, you are doing an amazing work 🌻 big fan of your teachings 🐝

@Johnieee says:

Respected doctor
I have a doubt, in hospitals using-propanol,and mecetronium ethyl sulfate based antiseptic solution
Second ethanol and chlorhexidine based antiseptic solutions

Sterilium and bactorub brands the contents are diferent, both are alcohol based but which is best more recimmendable during any procedure plz rpy
Mecetronium or chlorhexidine


Kindly do a video on vasogenic and cytotoxic cerebral edema sir..

@ReactionByMe-eb9xo says:

detail video about Ventilator and its modes ….?

@openyourmind7775 says:

Sir I'm critical care technologist from west bengal. I regularly follow your video for knowledge and love it. It help me a lot. I want to work with you to learn more about critical care is there is any option to work with you??

@anandtiwari52 says:

Pl collect all these tips in the form of a book…..

@Drshivamyadav says:

Kindly upload some long videos and bedside ICU videos pls Sir

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