Identifying mTBI 7: Signs and Symptoms

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Over 75% of traumatic brain injuries are so-called mild injuries (mTBIs), often known as concussions. Most people recover completely and are fully functional within two weeks. In about ten percent of cases, however, and especially where there has been repeated injury, symptoms can persist and alter the lives of the affected individuals and their families. Cognitive deficits, memory problems, emotional outbursts, impulsive and erratic behavior, sleep problems, headaches, and other issues can make mTBI much more than a “mild” condition.

Compounding the problem is the alarming prevalence of misdiagnosis, which is due largely to the lack of a reliable physical test for mTBI (it often does not register on CATs, MRIs, etc.). This misdiagnosis results in improper treatments, wasted resources, and an untold amount of difficulty, doubt and confusion for the individual who has sustained the injury.

This video series, which features expert interviews, informative graphics, and discussions with those affected by mTBI, is intended to educate physicians and other medical professionals, education administrators, coaches and other sports supervisors, disability and human resources departments, and, most importantly, individuals and their families who are adjusting to life with mTBI, about all aspects of the condition – from brain science to support groups to proper diagnosis to injury care and prevention.

Our thanks to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, and the State of New Mexico for providing funding. This video was produced and provided by the New Mexico Aging and Long Term Services Department’s Brain Injury program, and can be freely duplicated in its entirety including all disclaimers and licensing notifications.

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G-Nora Turab says:

Thank you for listening out the sing symptoms 🙂

D Blessed says:

Thank you so much for sharing this information. Great video.

D Blessed says:

Thank you so much for sharing this information. Great video.

Deirdre Stewart says:

Wouldnt wish it upĂ´n anyone! early intervention is crucial !!

ejkalltheway says:

Try hormone replacement therapy! Listen to videos from Dr. Mark Gordon. God Bless.

chinookvalley says:

I'm crying watching this. TBI is invisible. It took TEN years to get a doctor to help me because I "look" fine, I'm very intelligent, I can hold a conversation without outward problems. I am so tired of being told to "get over it"! I can't take care of myself, my house is a mess, my life is a mess. 29 years post trauma and every single day is a struggle. I'm in my 60's and people think it's because I'm getting old – it is my brain injury…

Russ Cobleigh says:

i was hit once hard by an overhead lamp that came loose, swung down and hit me on the head and neck, knocking me to the ground, no one here in sweden believes i am injured and am making it up

gary w says:

Two years today 2-6-2017 I was involved in a MVA that caused me to hit my head on the roof of the the truck (air ride seat) then forhead on the stearing wheel. I was dazed afterwards but felt better the next day except for neck pain and body soreness. Physical therapy and five mo. later I woke up on morning and I felt like my head would exploed (fullness). I could only do what workman comp Dr.were treating me for my neck injury and that was not much but did talk them in to a brain MRI. This was eight mo. after the accident and it did not show more than 62yr old male brain would look like, the fullness was every morning now along with speech problum not recognizing someone I work with for thirty yrs. for a few min., I would get mad easy and then start crying. I started loseing my ballence, vertigo, would get tired quickly more prob…… The Dr. said MRI was ok and there was nothing wrong with me. I'm trying to get checked for PTSD from the accident will see how that goes. I will fight this as long as I can. Any suggestion would be helpfull. thanks

kristine gonsalves says:

This is so familiar…five years ago, i was hit by a suv. I cant remember all of what happened, i have constant headaches, my brain feels foggy, and i just dont feel right…its been 5 years, i just hope i can still find help

Sebastien Guenette says:

you all appear to be very intelligent with your big words, but a question remain, can we (the ones who don't have medical degrees) understand you? …..

Aminah says:

A living nightmare

Lily Grace says:

hello I had multiple head injuries from childhood abuse and being thrown from a car at age 4. i am having trouble getting help because doctors find me to be difficult, I have lost all my friends and have nothing left. how can i get help please and after so long is help even possible?

Kevin Phillips says:

Thanks for Sharing! This is a great addition to "The More We Understand…" (a 21st Century version of the "One to Grow On" and "The More You Know" campaigns of the 80's & 90's)

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