Imaging of drug-related CNS-toxicity

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Your brain on drugs! This presenation is part of a serie on imaging of toxic-metabolic brain disorders and deals with CNS-diseases caused by exposure to exogenous toxic substances, such as environmental toxis, medically prescribed and illegal drugs. Topics include carbon monoxide poisoning, acute toxic leukoencephalopathy, metronidozale, isoniazide and vigatrabin intoxication, and heroin- and MDMA-intoxication.

0:00 – Messing around
0:08 – Introduction
2:16 – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
9:08 – Acute / Chronic Toxic Leukoencephalopathy
19:44 – Metronidazole Intoxication
24:28 – Vigatrabin Intoxication
27:37 – Recrational Drug Toxicity
29:31 – Heroin Intoxication (chasing the dragon)
35:18 – MDMA Intoxication
38:11 – Key Messages

This video is brought to you by the neuroradiologist:…

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