Importance of Friends and Family After Severe Brain Injury

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In Part Eight we talked about anger issues and the potential threat to the marriage and family poor control of mood and anger can create. We asked Ian about his relationship with his wife and children:

There are — well, my youngest, I never really had a problem with him. My oldest, well, since he takes medication and if he doesn’t take it, it gets a little hectic. So, it’s kind of comes and goes there. And then my wife, well she works shift — or early morning shift work. So that means she could be up at 1:00 in the morning and gone by 4:00, and she gets home sometimes around 2:00 to 3:00 in this afternoon. And so when she gets home it’s like, she’s not really awake, and she wants to go to sleep. And so, our life schedule’s really hectic.

Is that hard for you to adjust to, that odd hours?

Some of it, yes; others of it, no. The reason being is because we’ve been pretty much doing that kind of lifestyle since before my accident. So, I was somewhat used to it. The only part I’m not use to being is at home and not talking to anybody. And I miss all the friendship I had with all my work people that I worked with.

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