Intimacy issues for people with TBI

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People with TBI can experience intimacy issues following their accident.

It can cause real problems with relationships. For some couples, the injury can bond them closer together. Others find it challenging and may even split up.

A seasoned attorney that has helped many clients with traumatic brain injuries over the years has three tips to help spouses or significant others when these relationship problems arise.

First, try not to gauge their new conduct by normal standards or their past behaviors. Be forgiving and understanding in instances when intimacy is difficult for the TBI victim.

Second, track and control their devices. The internet can be a dangerous place for traumatic brain injury patients. Impulse control is a challenge for TBI victims.

Third, seek couples counselling when appropriate. Find a professional that understands your unique situation. Make sure that your medical professionals let your counselor know what is happening in your case.

Intimacy can be difficult for couples following a TBI. Following the tips in this video can make your relationship stronger than ever.

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