Intracranial Haemorrhage Types, signs and symptoms

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TheMshMsh Man says:

عاش يا دكتور

Moon says:

Lucid interval in Extradural or Subdural??….I read it was Extradural hemorrhage

Dhalia Tamayo says:

Thank you! I really need this right now. My son's head hited the wall super very hard. I'm not sure what to do!

Mia Aiden says:

I suffered from a lot, my situations was critical. I believed in Dr Madida and used his herbal medicine which got me cured completely.

neema bhandari says:

You style is so great men 🙏

June Pineda Mercado says:

I suffered a IVH. With a memory issues and peripheral vision. 😭

Lolong TV says:

Is it normal if you still have a bit of a head ache after a motorcycle accident? The neuro surgeon already checked the ct scan and it she said that i dont need any surgery.
Im still having a head ache its more like a migraine. Is it normal?

Juro Diko says:

Can excessive physical work cause this conditions?

not it. says:

All you need to do is cut open the skin on the skull and drain the blood pumped in by a pedophile, because it has no way of pumping back down into the body once in the skull which accumulates 76 percent of hair loss. Thus cutting the skin open and draining the pedophiles hand. Will cure the hair loss and the imbalance because its not supposed to bleed unless cut if that makes sense

Praveen Ajay Ayyala says:

Very informative. Excellent explanation 👌 👏 Thanks brother

joey del rosario says:

you die you die symptoms is no excuse you still die.

Dylan Fitch says:

Very good video. But I though epidural hemorrhaging resulted in brief loss of consciousness, lucid interval, then rapid deterioratation. And that, subdural presented as slowly building up, and progression of ICP taking days to weeks. But it did sound like you said they can both present like that


As usual always enjoy this videos

Amjad Ramzan says:

Excellent…i wish everyone in medical field had teachers like you… 👍👍

GJB Sarmeri says:

My mom had aneurysm which broke and cause a huge hematoma between her brain and skull. She was barely saved by two doctors which came from their vacation to perform two surgeries on her. They are the only reason she is alive and I am forever thankful to them.

Steve Beaton says:

Super helpful, thanks 😊 🙏

Ihsan Bajwa says:

Vitamin K prevents haemorrhaging…..
Is it correct????

Rupesh Gavit says:

You are the one❤️

Soup Rice MFツ says:

In malaysia during this pandemic.. 2 student died from internal bleeding that cause from stress(which is the blood pressure increase)

Gorgonio Mendoza says:

i have survived a sah and ich from a motorcycle accident wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy

Chris Dover says:

Does any of these types cause blood in nose or saliva? Or diahorrea?

Amar nath says:

Awesome thanks

Nicholas Butler says:

My gf got in a motorcycle wreck with a helmet on, it was 18x12mm brain bleed. anyone know which it would be? she broke no bone (helmet)

Odalis M says:

Love this!!!

P. Campbell says:

I had a subarachnoid bleed . I would not wish that headache upon satan himself.

Rita Wuranda says:

Makes a lot of sense

Hammer Radiology says:

Really nice presentation 👌 Sometimes an intracranial haemorrhage can be so discrete that we really need to search for the right finding based on the symptoms. The next day the whole thing could triple in size…
Thanks for the video 🙂

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