ISRIB Reverses Memory Failure from Traumatic Brain Injury

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In an unprecedented finding, UC San Francisco scientists used an experimental drug to completely reverse severe learning and memory impairments caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI) in mice. Surprisingly, the drug fully restored the ability to learn and remember in the brain-injured mice even when the animals were first treated as much as a month after injury.

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cjmst3k says:

Would this potentially help for treatment-resistant/failure ADHD patients, where stimulants are fully unbeneficial?

Nathan Tonelli says:

Sign me up!

Gennady Myasnikov says:

Where can it be ordered in russia without scam?

thrillsbreh says:

I need something like this im 22 and my memory is gone

Flash Gordon says:

THis is from three years ago, and it's back in the news 12/1/20. What is the progress in making it available to patients?

Eugene Hong says:

It's been 3 years and so far I'm not seeing any change. This article from yesterday basically says the same thing as this video!

Gissie says:

🚯any news today?neuroleptics do thx too.damage brain. .

MrJellyconelly says:

So this compound worked to repair damage even after 1 month after the incident. What about those that suffered a tbi years prior? Would that damage be reversed?

RatmGump says:

Would this be effective for someone suffering from long term nuerological damage from having huffed leaded gasoline?, not joking have been living with this for 20 years will do anything to get better.

The Amazing Goldfish says:

Well that was helpful. So if I build me a matter converter and splice my DNA with a mouse there will be hope for healing my 4 concussions,….great!

Stravo Lukos says:

What are the side-effects? Dangers?

John Pierre says:

Wish it could help my bipolar .

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