It’s important to be aware of some the symptoms of a brain tumour. Thanks for sharing with us Beth!

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imasis says:

Hi I am currently awaiting mri results. I think my head is fine…like I don't get very bad headaches or anything however my head becomes very pressured when I bend over and has an unusual feeling of bruising sometimes. Anybody have these symptoms and know what the issue could be

Jen m says:

Hi can I ask you all something? Every now and then I get this strange sensation in my head, I’ll be walking or doing whatever and all of a sudden it feels like my brain has a wave of pressure moving from back to top or vice versa and I have to stop and hold my head close my eyes and I might get a little dizzy, always wondered what that was, I get tinnitus a lot, headaches often, occipital neuralgia, really tired, but I’m really worried about the head sensation, anyone have any ideas what it could be? Thanks I know i should go to the doctor but just wondering thanks :)♥️

kesmarley says:

Well I guess I’ve got a brain tumour then

Ray Annette P says:

I wish, I could see the symptoms bc the print covers most of it.

JVG says:

My hypochondria loves these type of videos 🤦🤦

Jonny Wildasin says:

I went blind completely in my right and and it started on my left luckily I had surgery but it was on my pituitary gland so my hormones are all screwed

Nu Nu says:

It's also important to mention, that all of these symptoms can have a different cause. Even if you experience all of them does not mean you have a brain tumor

Birdy777 says:

Did any of you have weird sensations in the body . I'm super sensitive to lights and smells . I have a lot of these symptoms and more

Yahuah Is King says:

Is there a reason that we make these videos, and instead of BEING A HUMAN and SPEAKING, we just make weird faces and point at crap on a screen I’m supposed to read??

I suppose this isn’t a channel to seek for sharing brain tumor info. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Robert Deffenbaugh says:

Sensitive to lights?
I’m sensitive to flashing lights.

Carrie W says:

Hope your recovery is going well. My brain tumour was spotted during a routine eye test. I had some symptoms, but attributed them to other causes. My warning signs were: Insomnia, irritability (thought I was stressed with work), tinnitus (from prolonged engineering work outside my flat), vision being 'fractured' where it seemed like I was looking through a kaleidoscope for a few seconds before it cleared (thought I needed a new prescription). My tumour was very slow growing so my brain learned to adapt to the tumour until it got really big. Just before I was diagnosed I had some balance problems (which I thought were a side effect of the insomnia mediation). Didn't really notice that as it was in lockdown and we weren't going anywhere to fall over!
More people should know the symptoms of brain tumours.

ChipBuddies says:

Thanks for this. I’m about to start radiotherapy for a single lesion they only told me some of this

Tennille J says:

I have all of these symptoms

Shaynee Lopez says:

it so sad that i didn't recognize the symptoms of my son he is 5, yrs old now diagnosed with Brain Tumor

otterlly says:

I was born with what my doctors called a stupid cell 😂 so I had a slow growing benign brain tumor that took 17 years to find! I had really bad headaches and because it wasn't cancer I was told it was migraines. It took a seizure at 17 for them to go "hmmm maybe you should have an MRI". And I found out what I have isn't completely uncommon! Which is wild! Please please if your child is complaining of headaches as a child do not tell them it's normal! Because I grew up thinking that I stayed quiet and just had AWFUL headaches.

11 years post op and I'm doing great! I get vertigo and I have some bad hormonal acne but I'm really happy I live a normal life now! I do wonder if I can find a youtuber who talks about hormonal imbalances after brain surgery so if anyone knows….let me know lol 😂

susheer V. S says:

Does mood swings occur for tumours??

Muslim central says:

I had pain in right side of brain for the last month I happens when I study or do some work. What does it mean? 😇

Lanie Boja says:

Be strong ❤

Buffalo Roofing and Restoration says:

I have surgery on tomorrow. Our brain tumor tips stay strong. I have to believe you have to do this

Buffalo Roofing and Restoration says:

I have to have surgery tomorrow on a tumor scared to death. Any tips? Stay strong. You got this. I have to believe that

Prashant says:

I am facing this all symtoms it means 😂

Prashant says:

Sare symptoms myjhe h

ash says:

the right side of my throat is always different .. when i go to the ENT specialist he said that it was just an infection
this happened to me since 2020
so he gave me medicine but it didnt worked for me also i took an xray of throat also and that xray doctor said that xray was normal.
How can an infection remains same without responding to medicine and also
affects the same side of my throat for yrs..
this year started another step and that is
i experienced one sided head numbness and thatsthe same side where i experienced my throat thing…
im still 17 yrs old😢

Thc_smaxks107 says:

Any time did you wake up in the middle school f the night with a “migraine” and it be very painful in the early mornings

Ash says:

I have been getting the headaches that run down my neck. I can’t do anything when I have one and I will literally be in tears praying god will take the pain away so I can be a normal parent. I’ve started having difficulty swallowing at times and feel like my brain and my right arm aren’t in the same page sometimes. My left eye will sometimes twitch so many times a day. I’m so worried I have a brain tumor but I’m scared to find out.

mail says:

Why not just say it instead of pointing at text and making faces?


Um I have all of these so I am scared

Potato says:

*me constantly stressing over tumors apdendix and death 👁️👄👁️

how to tape and plaster says:

If I wanted to read I would just google it.

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