Kelli Gary: Living With Traumatic Brain Injury

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Kelli Gary talks about her life living with traumatic brain injury and dealing with the everyday struggles she never anticipated.

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Speaker Shay Grace says:

Thank you for sharing your story. I'm a Moderate TBI survivor of 4 years. I search for other TBI survivor of Color & hardly ever find them. It's been a long tough battle. Not having the ongoing brain rehab others get with less injury because of their color. Do you know of a online TBI support group ?

mello says:

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope that this inspires my child, in fact I am certain it will.

GetRhythm2011 says:

Kelli, I am currently in that grey, "what if" stage of my recovery. When I heard you say something about being let go back to school, that someone was so sure you would realize you couldn't handle it, I got pretty irritated. What if, What if you were able to prove them wrong when you went back? I know you said you ended up not doing so good when you went back to school, which as I said, is right where I am. I want to start grad school this coming spring of 2012.

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