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The FREE online training of brain.rehab provides the best insights in the fields of brain and physical training, energy management, sleep, neuroplasticity, and nutrition (and many other topics).

Brain.rehab was developed by stroke survivor Linda Rådestad and Arjan Kuipers, chiropractor/ functional neurologist, who developed a passion for brain-related issues because his mother suffered from brain stem migraines (after a series of head injuries). Arjan has seen and developed training for patients with a brain injury for the past 30 years.

Free audio-book

Linda was 43 when a severe stroke hit her in 2016. At that time she was an internet entrepreneur and mother of three. Linda is a problem solver pure sang and decided after her stroke to put her innovative and analytic strength to good use by coming up with better solutions for fellow stroke survivors. She has published the book STROKE REBEL (free audio-book at https://www.brain.rehab/stroke-rebel-audio-book ) to show what is possible when thinking out of the box. Doctors told her she would never walk or talk again, she proved them wrong (see her TEDx talk).

Both Linda and Arjan, frustrated by the lack of usable solutions for stroke survivors and those with a brain injury, see brain.rehab as their magnum opus and culmination of their lives work.

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Ray Tinsley says:

I've progressed with more and more extreme afos for years now, is there any chance of regaining barefoot walking.
I could do this just after stroke but have followed the advice of the nhs

Itazamah Rawach Yasharalah says:

13 months stroke recovery, I have to try barefoot walking to help with my drop foot. But thanks to God I'm doing well.

Birdie Miller says:

I just found you while searing for foot drop. If you wouldn't mind answering my question. In regards to your video about foot drop. ''Is there a difference to the therapy if the foot drop was caused by a stroke or brain injury as opposed if the foot drop was caused by a spinal cord injury (PSCI, C-3-4-5). I had a very minor foot drop prior to fusion surgery After surgery my foot drop became much worse. Some feed back from me to you. I practice walking 'seriously' from time to time. I have found listening to music (as a rhythm methadone) I can actually walk like a dancer, using my arms, hips, legs and ankles. Thank you for your videos and efforts to help. BTW, my neck fusion was 03/2002, NJ, USA

Wolffsrain says:

I did the same thing when I had to use a walker. I didn't want to be attached to it for the rest of my life. I can walk now with a limp and even drive.

Ritzie Ruiz says:

how many years did he have a stroke

J Good says:

I'm a husband ( caregiver) of a stroke survivor of 4 years. We're at a point of no improvement even with therapy. My wife really wants to get rid of her AFO to the point of argument and I'm just wondering if this is just another way to offer false hope ? Seems very dangerous .

Fh says:

Great recommendation to go barefooted. Not taught in rehab often where they rely heavily on braces and the like.

I rewatched the video and guess it helps with both spasticity and weakness in the ankle. Will give this work!

Dworo Udono says:


dirk dusee says:

it's struggle. But never give up. They bundled the right steps here.

Sri Sugiharti says:

I stroke fr 5 years, n I'm 51, can i fix my foot drop?

dirk dusee says:

Top site. Eindelijk een medestander. Zeker een aanvulling op wat ik zelf doe. Heel veel tips zijn heel herkenbaar. Ik ben 5 jaar diy bezig met revalideren na een hersenstambloeding. Ook ik heb veel gelezen over fitness, voeding, slapen en trainen. Ik heb mijn klapvoet verholpen met staand the lat pull down op mijn fitness apparaat 4×50 herhalingen dagelijks te doen, een stuk fietsen en dagelijks een stuk lopen. Er zijn meer wegen naar Rome. Een hersenbloeding vergt naar mijn mening een langer en intensievere training/revalidatie dan een herseninfarct vanwege naast een gebrek aan zuurstof ook bloed die delen van de hersenen aantasten. Neemt niet weg dat de opzet van Brain rehab een top initiatief is. Een aanbeveling. Klein min puntje ter bevordering van meer zuurstof wordt koud douchen geadviseerd, ik heb mijn hersenbloeding gekregen door koud te douchen bij hoge bloeddruk. Dus bij hoge bloeddruk niet koud douchen, dan knijpen je vaten samen en stijgt je bloeddruk tot ongekende hoogte en knapt er een vat. thx

Cyndi Harris says:

This is what I did because I am a barefoot person. In the woods and at home, barefoot is what I am. In creeks and rivers, trails And the beach. It really does make such a huge difference. It saved me. I even regained my monkey feet and can still pick things up with my left foot again. 😄 Thank you for these videos.

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