Learning to Communicate After Surviving a Brain Injury

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Ava survived a brain injury three days following her first birthday. After years of hard work she is able to communicate using a combination of sign language, words and gestures.

Now Ava is hoping others will take the time to talk to her.

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Nats Dirksen says:

Her smile is beautiful and God willing she will be able to communicate better in the future, she is so sweet 😍 and adorable💕
God bless you all abundantly 🙏

Lady Rapunzilla says:

That wave makes me smile so much! Such a sweetheart💕

aronle Lenora says:


Elise C. says:

Aw, Ava you're adorable ! Trully a super star ! I wish you good luck on your path.

Brittany Daley says:

I can't believe she had to go through all that she did not deserve it but she's like one of the cutest things ever

Mica Mocca says:

Ava you're a really smart, kind and beautiful child. Thank you for being here!

Corinne Weisbein says:

Ava is a absolutely gorgeous and beautiful Princess 😍

johnharrington22 says:

That poor kid, I hope she is ok

Marilyn Tape says:

Love is the most important thing in life 🥰👍🇦🇺

helen white says:

so sweet what a smile keep smiling girl

Marleen Ninaka says:

Hi everyone: It's so nice to see you all again on YouTube. I want to meet you all one day. Take care and stay safe.

Sergio Viera says:


Willie Lee says:


Ruth Meyer says:

Great interview, Ava! Thank you!

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