Life After Football: The Effects of Repeated Concussions

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Kevin Drake, a former NFL player, has experienced more than 10 documented concussions. At Neuroscience 2016, Drake discusses his experience in football and the changes that can improve player and youth safety.

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Karisha Johnson says:

Football should be banned and other contact sports that create devastating physical consequences for player but people don’t care because they’re being entertained and making money.

Cian Broderick says:

Kids shouldn’t play contact sports

Tell Williams says:

I get angry blow up and I can see it feel it but just can’t stop it and I keep going until I get light headed or almost pass out. I have days my sight is great and days everything is out of focus bad.

Tell Williams says:

Lots of concussions major has injury where do I start help where do I start my general doctor is like so what oh well

Dunedain says:

Thanks very much for sharing your story Kevin. Your symptoms sound so much like mine. I recently commented on a video done by Dr. Robert Stern – thought I'd share it here. I am of course interested in better treatment for those currently suffering from CTE, but equally concerned about the younger generation and prevention:


I am now 57 years old. Head injuries started around 7 years old (three concussions before 10, two of them unconscious). Then it was motocross, football, accidents – one of which was a fractured skull. CTE-like symptoms started to appear in my late 20's. Then the slow and steady decline.

I have tried all the recommended remedies, and with much gusto and commitment. CAT scans, MRI’s, treatment plans. I have also tried so many non-conventional approaches. Without cynicism I can say conventional remedies are laughable…some caused more harm.

It seems Robert Stern and for the most part the medical community mean well, but I feel compelled to say – this video (and so many others) are doing more of a disservice to those suffering from this little understood ailment. Your approach is superficial, barely one dimensional. This reminds me of my decades of struggle, watching my life and relationships fall away from me due to lack of understanding. Those that took the conventional approach in their half hearted efforts to help – diet, exercise, effort, positive thinking, etc. – all on the surface meaning well, but not really studying me and my issues, not listening…we just quickly sailed away from each other. You are pitting all those harmful concepts against those who are truly suffering, establishing further division. As a professional you have an obligation to see this side, look deeply, and do more.

My heart breaks for all the others who are isolated, alienated and misunderstood. I am convinced there is an ever increasing number of people who feel like me. For this reason I feel a need to give this more exposure.

I commend you for doing more than nothing, gotta start somewhere. Now I challenge you to take a closer look, this is a different animal. I have done work with water – I can "vitalize", or measurably increase the voltage of water. Plants fed this water show on average twice the biomass and nutrient density compared with control plants (and 2x the voltage). I suspect cannabis, in particular CBD, in conjunction with higher voltage water, will reduce inflammation and drive out tau protein and its nasty after effects.

Any fatal / incurable disease is only labeled that until a cure is found.

Tor-Erik Bakke says:

Football should be banned in schools until age 18.

Karen Closkey says:

10 meds? Go to counseling. Alright I understand for panic attacks and migraines but all the other stuff I don’t know.

Andres Tomas says:

You know you got a concussion when you feel the sound. That’s when you know you just fucked up

Kate S says:

Thank you Kevin

Jesus Fajardo says:

This is my first time writing on YouTube but this really hits home, I’m 24 and I have 8 concussion probably more I can remember. I got them mostly when I played pop Warner football. What’s crazy is my mom knew I had concussions but she still forced me to play football I begged her to stop letting me play but she didn’t. Now I can’t even remember my family birthday family names, I can’t remember my childhood, everyday I deal with migraines, mood swings, anxiety and depression. I used to be a talkative person but now I’m always in my room and antisocial.

L D says:

I'm 22 years old and have had 2 documented concussions and 8 others that were undocumented. The most significant one was when I was 6; it left me unconscious for several hours and I got admitted to the hospital. After that moderate tbi I would go on to make a complete recovery but from the age of 18 and onwards is when the rest of the concussions started happening. I am definitely not same person that I used to be. I process things slower, my memory is not as good, and I notice that I stutter more so than I ever did. I just really hope that these symptoms go away with time or ease down. For males the brain doesn't stop developing until 25 years old so hopefully that does some sort of recovery for me.

Jk Boss says:

I’m 19 I have these issues, I’ve had so many concussions I can’t even count however can the brain eventually bounce back since I’m young or are these issues stuck with me for life. I’ve been to quite a few doctors but they haven’t been able to do shit tbh

T C says:

The adults instructed the 2 kids to ram into each other should be charged with child abuse.

Clint Logan says:

I suffered many concussions played football. Wake up in the training room, get some pills given to me and got back on the field. I had a hard time remembering what I ate for dinner last night.

Clint Logan says:

I played center and linebacker for over a decade in Texas. I can’t remember things anymore. I know it’s gonna get worse. But it was worth it. I love football.


Got about 15 in my life so far from being beaten by my adoptive mother

Chris Perry says:

I’m glad I’m not alone, I did plenty as a kid to get my heavy bumps and hurts but when I was very very small I fell down 12 or so concrete steps and that was number one and it was heavy and by time I was 10ish I had suffered 3 legitimate concussions. Now I’m 27 and I know I’ve been concussed 5-7 times in my life and I struggled with mental health issues for many years and tried to take my life at 19. But a few years ago I began to calm down internally and it gave me new perspectives of the damage done to my brain and how little we know about our brains and most certainly how little I know about the brain and concussions compared to experts. Sometimes I fear it’s an excuse , but honest I exist with such tension and so much weight and throbbing from my head that I often find myself not being in the driver seat of my tone and emotional ranges. I find myself not knowing why I’m doing what I’m doing , I find myself mentally lost and scared inside and I find myself chasing a ghost , multiple ghosts… I find myself having to differentiate between mental health and depression and anxiety and anger issues I am genetically bound to and heavy damage my brain has suffered. I can operate at a very high level just fine , but also…I can’t okay…I basically can’t. I’m 27 I have no idea how I’m going to exist and survive in this world with my condition when nobody will recognize I even have a condition or a disability. Nobody will see it as a simple fact that my brain is all messed up and I am mentally and physically disabled by. I’m not saying I understand my problems. I’m just saying thank goodness I see people here saying that 1-20 concussions and saying small things about their pain but about their survival. Good luck.

Kevin Duguay says:

Thank you for sharing from your heart Kevin. Very powerful on all the parts that you touched on. I can relate to everything that you shared as well with my work in professional football and hockey. Feel big time for you…

M E says:

I’m 52 yr old male, I remember my first concision (strangely) at around age 8-9. I had many more after that, even before I started playing hockey and rugby for 20 years and throw in 10 years of martial arts and they all start to add up. I’d say I’ve had over 50. Maybe more…? Affects ur brain in ways u can’t understand, like getting mad at ur wife for bringing home groceries. (No joke)
But I agree totally that kids do receive many, many undiagnosed concussions that get over looked. Sad

YoAbbaDabba says:

I'm still broken failing to help someone I loved with CTE. The pain we go through trying to help your pain. I hate football now. I hope money and fun doesnt forever trump the care for humans. Or atleast fully educate kids like they did with smoking cigs commercials and holes in their neck as reality not to scare anyone but to accept what your fun could lead to

Algorithm’sRandomComments says:

I think I have this… no one knows but it’s taken my family bc they think I’m a psychopath

Benne Long ❼ says:

19:10 airport

Aiden Snacklad says:

100% got concussions as a kid playing sport

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