Life Changes After A Brain Injury (My Perfect Family: Jo & Leon)

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Dr Jo Scott was in the final stages of qualifying as a specialist haematologist when a brain haemorrhage changed everything. As well as impaired movement and hand function, Jo’s speech and ability to process language were severely impacted. After a long battle to try to salvage her career, Jo and husband Leon realised the way forward needed to be different.

Initially a stay-at-home Dad to their one year old baby, Leon had to take on full time work as well as juggling parenting and being a support for Jo. Now, he faced his own struggle with depression. Over the years, Jo and Leon have helped each other find a new normal, and recently welcomed a daughter to their family.

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Allison Grant says:

Please to everyone saying that she should learn sign language. This is a condition Dr .Jo has been living with for many years. If her doctors and therapists thought sign language was a better option for her than speech, she’d be using it by now. She has expressive aphasia that has affected all means of expressive communication including writing and typing.

Brenda G.P. says:

Connor saying his dad sometimes struggles and has a frustrating life, and that makes him sad…. that made me sad. He's such a sweet little boy.

kimmie965 says:

sje is doing very very good

Emerald Kimble says:

You were both registrars

Jerry Chetty says:

Thank you very much for this update on the previous post

Qammar Arshad says:

God bless you and your family. Amen

My Room says:

What a wonderful and compassionate little boy they have!!!! Yes you’re right little fella! It does NOT matter if one has a disability: we are ALL human ; with feelings and emotions and pain. We shouldn’t be treated any differently than the average person. They are wonderful parents, and this shines through: in the attitude of this little child. Blessings to your family ………


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Catherine Rice says:

I really feel blessed and encouraged, watching Dr. Jo & Leon's experience about brain injury. I was in a serious car accident six months ago, suffered a concussion/TBI. TBI has completely changed my life. I am learning how to adjust to my new life. Thanks Jo & Leon, you certainly inspired me. God Bless.

MB says:

What a beautiful story of love and persistence. It would make a great movie.

Bindi Love says:

My husband was severely injured in an attack (robbery) at work. After multiple surgeries and countless rehab visits he improved but was never the same. After 5 years, the hardest thing for us was realizing he would never get back to ‘normal’. We had to let go of what was, and had to accept was was ‘ now.’ Once we let go of the past and accepted our new path it eventually got easier and we had more happiness in our life. Man…it was hard. My heart goes out to this couple. 🥰

Terry Evans says:

An amazing loving couple

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