Living with a Brain Injury: Stefan Hadfield

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This is the story of Stefan Hadfield, an extreme sportsman who has always pushed beyond the limits. His latest achievement has astounded the world’s medical profession as he recovers from a brain injury he should never have survived. A major skiing accident in Canada left Stefan unable to walk or talk after he careered down a cliff face smashing his head on a rock. Stefan’s accident says much about the brain’s ability to recover.

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moti singh says:

can anyone give me stefan insta id here please

*C*G* says:

Wonderful story of recovery.

Qammar Arshad says:

God bless you. Amen

Ji Kim says:

He gets angry at the drop of a hat now and is totally ostracized by his family. Sad they never include the updates with these tbi injuries.

KEPC KatherineC says:

What a sweet guy! His girlfriend, dad and his other friends are pretty cool, too. I’m glad for all of them.

Saveourn Srey says:

I’m so glad Stephen beats the odd and got better. He’s one lucky dude.. with a gorgeous and supportive girlfriend that never left his side.

Miles Cobbett says:

Stephan give yourself a break you were on a mtn bike while others are on pro race bikes

Julie Jackman says:

I had a brain tumor where my incision is in the same place as Stephan's. I also have 4 metal plates and screws in my skull and executive functionality issues. Learning to walk and be able to balance and even hit a balloon back and forth with someone were all difficulties and memory problems.

Max White says:

how did he semi recover like that

TennisHero says:

I think the fact that he was so brilliant and so multi talented (and still young) before the accident is the reason for his miraculous recovery.

voici je says:

the friend did the right this to record the emergency staff … the fsmily sure would want to know how all goes for searching errors…but to know

saintcitynandezzz says:

so glad we all wear helmetd nowadays. remember the times when nobody wore a helmet skiing.

Glynis Baglow says:

Wow what a brave person you are. Keep it up but do side with care and keep safe. Love and hugs to you all from Swansea U.K. XxxX 🌞🌞💖

10mg says:

this guy is genuinely so sweet

jessica Arancibia says:

he is a fighter 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻♥️

Ed` Bland says:

I wrecked my Harley not wearing my helmet that stopped my heart 3 times, crushed my chest breaking all my ribs multiple times puncturing both lungs, put me into an 87 day coma waking with a 5.5 brain injury requiring relearning life. Once returning home I tried having my doctor do an MRI of my brain to compare to my wreck. He refused telling me that BIG PHARMA will financially destroy any doctor that proves THC restores brain injuries. This upset me so much that I taught myself MOLECULAR SCIENCE and went to the gold shop in KALISPELL MONTANA showing JB how copper transitioned into gold. This got me kicked out and he told 'city council' that I am making FOOLS GOLD from copper pass tests Boiling water proves that 'heat' excites MOLECULES allowing ATOMS to escape. This is how copper transitions into GOLD and nickel into PLATINUM. Earth must be restored by growing HEMP world wide. ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM

Copper is 179 atoms and melts at around 1400F to 1800F.. You must bring it to a 'boil' that will be at 3500F but the 'oxygen' atom must never make contact or will explode burning on contact. In 72 to 100 hours, 100 atoms will boil out and melted BORAX will absorb them leaving 79 atoms that is GOLD.

Gail Gross says:

It’s awesome to see that Stefan is progressing and learning daily. My son experienced a TBI at the age of 24 and was in a coma for 13 days. I can relate to the toddler then teenager and now young adult. The human body is an amazing tool. The days are longer without exhausting. He is back at school and a new vocation.
I wish Stefan all the best and a full recovery. A strong mind and body I wish you well 🙏🏽

Vince Giambattista says:

stone cold fox(her)

lalita plantbased says:

Awesome dude. Great sense of humour ..!

Patty Swain says:

I'm a born again Christian and things always get better in my life because of jesus

Patty Swain says:

He is the God of miracle see you are hear no to speand Time have good times with him and family and freands. God has healed lots of people .there was man in wheel chair that was in brase drinking from straw now he using hands and moving . Watch benny hinn minaster YouTube and read Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagan books hay god healed me many times love lots God is in healing the more you learn about God the father the son jesus the holy spirit the more understanding more healing . When growing up l love sports that was my thing so love you all but God is my everything

Patty Swain says:

Hay watched video gods hand was all over you .the lord gave me dream 3 of them the same in the dream he was crying . He was broken because people did not no how he was he said to me in dream go tell them patty people are dieing in there sins . See we have life time to get to no the lord in a personal way this is a great time for all of you to real get to no your lord and savior. See l was so captivated when l realised how much God really loves people he comes with such anointing and peace. In the dreams he had this love that did not condemn people of there sin no judgment in his mind or heart just love . I need to understand that kind of love he has but the reason on sharing this is people need him in there heart and minds . They need to invite him in there hearts he is are healer . Sin comes out of man as they speand time with him in bible and prayer . The sinners prayer is jesus forgive me of my sins and invite you into me to show me how you are l believe you died and rose again . Is life on this planet is here for a season are true world is the new earth and heaven . See how you get to heaven is believed in jesus john 3 16 bible verse. . Hay when you are her God has his hand on you but he wonts your heart . Jesus healed many people

Т П says:

I hope this girl doesn't merry him. Stupid, reckless, selfish.

Pet sim x says:

Dear Stefan, please wear a helmet!!! ❤️

pantyflash says:

Like, even though your brain got hosed, you're totally awesome. Way to go, babe!

Steve Lafave says:

This guys attitude towards life is refreshing

Saraj E. Stephenson says:

What a wonderful girlfriend he has! What a great spirit he has!

Michelle KiwiGirl Crawford vocals says:

Good for you Stefan, your recovery has been amazing! Your girlfriend seems really lovely and supportive too! Hooray to Kiwi resilience 🥝😊

Millisa Gable says:

It's crazy hes the same age as me when his accident happened:/

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