Living With A Stranger: My Husband's Brain Injury

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Find out more at Traumatic brain injury is a life changing event. But it’s not just the individual who experiences the brain injury. Spouses and people close to brain injury survivors can also find themselves suddenly having to take on new roles as caretakers, while at the same time adapting to their loved ones’ new character and needs. And those changes in character can be so extreme that for some wives and husbands it can actually feel like their spouses are different people. That they are suddenly living with strangers.

We created this video to attempt to explain the emotional rollercoaster that the spouse of a brain injury survivor experiences after a husband or wife’s injury, and the challenges couples can face in adapting to their new lives together.

The video was created by New York brain injury lawyers De Caro & Kaplen, LLP (, who have been advocating on behalf of individuals suffering from a brain injury for over 30 years.

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Jody Lien says:

I lost my son, Cody Carlson 11/08/2021 after a drug overdose on 9/1/2014. He was in hospitals for almost a year, then home with me & 24/7 nursing care for 6+ years. I donated his brain to Boston University for them to study it as he had a lot of the symptoms of CTE. For anyone interested, you can contact them anytime & let them know that you want your brain to go to them to be studied upon your death. We need to find out everything we can about CTE & how to avoid it. Hugs, prayers, & love to everyone & their families that are struggling.💜💜💜

Heather Burke says:

I wish my husband's TBI recovery would have followed this storybook path. I could not continue to subject my daughter or myself to his violent outburst. No amount of therapy or love and support could prevent him from snapping and possibly killing one of us.

Adriana MacLennan says:

As if I could of written it myself.

Iram Hernandez says:

I had a motorcycle and I had a couple accidents. I started having physical limitations. I couldn't talk to my wife because I was embarrassed. And I found myself pushing her away staying at home staying away from people secluding myself sleeping all the time. All I could do was push her away. People started asking what was wrong with me because I'm different. I'm not the same person anymore. My wife told me what the neighbors had said and I guess there must be something wrong. So I went to the doctor and got checked out and I have a TBI. 20 + years with my wife I love her I'm in love with her but it doesn't come out in me. It doesn't show. She has been there with me through thick and thin. And I pushed her away. I am currently waiting for approval to see a doctor. I don't want to be this. I want my family to be happy. This video was a rock that hit me dead Square on my forehead. I can relate to this video so much. I Cry

Kraevin Moorehed says:

My mother is going through a similar situation with me. I feel horrible for what I'm putting on her,and I know what I'm doing! I hate the way I act on certain things after the fact and it's so hard. I pray for anyone going through this and hope we all find peace with our situation. It's the hardest thing I'm ever going to have to do. Who am I at 30?? Idk that's the hardest part

Journey Back Quilts says:

This is my life to almost a T 🙁 In Jesus there is hope and I cling to that hope!!

Deb Blackmore says:

Stay strong stay safe sending love from headway Nottingham UK takes time it's hard for us very we are still us just angry confused but same person stay patient with us wishing you all luck keep going giving up isn't a option x

James Cruce says:

sorry my ex-wife :'(

Joyce Kysor says:

Personalities can change for TBI Survivors, making the whole Journey Longer. We didn't Ask for this & we don't know how to Accept our "new" selves. Often, we are unaware of, or don't realize what we blurt out or say. TBI, ABI, those who have had Strokes, Tumors, Aneurysms, etc. , may ALWAYS need extra time to Process things, Laugh or Cry inappropriately, and a host of other things that we can't CONTROL.

MsNooneinparticular says:

Very sad. And scary how one's entire personality can change in an instant. I hope she gets out & protects her child if he continues to behave violently. Regardless of the cause, that's never okay.

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