Living with Post-Concussion Syndrome while Social Distancing with Gracie Hussey

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College student Gracie Hussey discusses how her previous experience with Post-Concussion Syndrome has prepared her to handle her symptoms while social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This segment was part of the Concussion Legacy Foundation’s March 28 webinar, Managing Post-Concussion Syndrome in the Time of Coronavirus.

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Forrest Adams says:

Later, after you said that you were still having problems did you discover that you had other issues that you didn't realize that you had at initially? I discovered that I had about 3 other lesser issues. My sense of smell, my hearing, and the recurrence. Good luck hon.

Nyla Khan says:

Try black seed capsules with honey 🍯

Richard Swink says:

Do yourself a favor and check out caring medical videos on YouTube

Upper cervical instability
It will click like a lightbulb

Chipy Lion-Sage says:

Brilliant- thanks to god for helping her share her story – it will help lots of folk

Brandon Buchert says:

I played football from the time I was 7, had 3 diagnosed concussions and multiple that were not. The worst one a teammate and I both ran after the QB and he ducked, and we hit helmets and it made my vision blurry and side-ways. I’ve struggled with bouts of anxiety and depression and often feel spaced out. I had one 2 years ago while working and hit my head on a cabinet just standing up and I can tell you, it was by far the worst one I had. To sum up my point, I also live with symptoms that have effected me for years. I’m 25 now and I consume cannabis and it helps tremendously. I hate to hear other people struggling with this but glad I’m not alone. If there are any suggestions for help and treatment let me know. (I’m aware try e video is a year old but I just found it haha)

Brenna Dwyer says:

I got a concussion in 8th grade, I’m now a junior in high school. My symptoms got better but my memory never came back I struggle immensely in school and daily life does anyone have suggestions I feel like I’ve exhausted every option.

Ela says:

I'm here as a testimony that by the grace of God you can and will recover from PCS. I swung my head harshly into a sharp edge of a table in 2012. I felt whiplash movement. The onset of my PCS came on about 5-6 days later… Like a delayed reaction. Every symptom you can think of, i had it. EVERY ONE. Full recovery was about 2 years more or less (it wasn't at its worst the whole entire time.) My remaining symptoms are eye floaters and light sensitivity… Otherwise I am NORMAL. One day at a time by the grace of God, call onto him and acknowledge him and be grateful… He will heal you ❤️🙏

StevieK says:

I feel your pain. It was tough for sure, just keep on going and know that it will get better. Wish you the best.

Theo Gate-snipyninja95 says:

I got severe concussion like 7 months ago I’m still not the same at all it sucks

Jean Paul Jean Paul says:

Wish you all the best, this is the biggest struggle of my life.

Clover says:

I want to fucking kill myself

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