Living with Traumatic Brain Injury

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People with traumatic brain injuries may experience physical, cognitive or personality changes that affect their work and relationships. In this program from the University of Washington, hear stories of people who are rebuilding their lives and readjusting to family, careers and everyday life.

This program is sponsored by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services/Aging and Disability Services Administration, University of Washington, Traumatic Brain Injury Model System, and Harborview Medical Center.

June 2007

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RanO RanOvaT says:

I'd def kill meself if I was them.

C Bryce says:

Who do you call to get help in finding work, if you've had TBI and physical disabilities?

Lav says:

I can completely understand & relate
I have severe tbi.

bepowerification says:

its sad to think how many people dont get the right treatment because they live in a poor country and there is no way to do it. if I have something like this one day I end up without family or friends in the hands of a poor medical system and will be yet another vegetable in some nursing home..

Typical Fat boy says:

My Father is in this video he is Brian Morseburg

littlenumchuck says:

I too, have a suffered a TBI. Diffused Axonal. My beautiful world was obliterated. Hell, I'd say, I have visited. But I'm so horny right now. Me podrias traer una bonita chica con las tetas buenas porfavor x traigo dinero apriximo $.25

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