Living With Traumatic Brain Injury

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(Visit: Traumatic brain injury results from an impact to the head that disrupts normal brain function. Dr. Phiroz Tarapore looks at strategies for treating patients with chronic traumatic brain injury. Recorded on 11/03/2016. Series: “UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine presents Mini Medical School for the Public” [2/2017] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 31567]

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Elihu Brown says:

Someone going through this can’t watch this much tv. As someone going through a severe TBI right now I’d know. It’d be helpful if it was broken down in pieces

Allen Culbertson says:

God bless you and thank you

William Hayes says:

Las comment for 5 years I couldn't talk, couldn't take care of myself, my left side was paralyzed. I have memory issues. I still have a drawn up hand and my left hand and foot is numb

William Hayes says:

I spent 3 months in a comma
4 years in nursing homes
A year home with my mom
Drove my electric wheelchair to the court house and got my wright's back. Got a handicap apartment 2020. Been living alone and taking care of myself for over a year

William Hayes says:

I have had severe traumatic brain injury. 2015 I still can't walk and have issues. I did die in my comma. It was a motorcycle accident I was involved in getting hit by a vehicle a hit and run.

Nancy says:

I have been taking bipolar meds and sustained traumatic brain injury

Juliroh Fit says:

my life was ruined after i got it. i went from extrovert to introvert in 1 second after i got hit by a car. i stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks puking blood and the brainscan showed i had a wound on my brain and blood ontop of it. 2016 i had a new scan and there was still dried blood ontop of my brain. life with TBI is no joke its an invinsible disability and it can change your entire personality. TBI deserves alot more attention and people need to be educated on it. i lost my happiness and cant even have a basic conversation unless its a short one but i always forget most the things somebody said to me and i couldn't care less if i died in the accident TBI is a very lonely life its like a permanent psychosis i have bad thoughts running through me 24/7 and i smoke a bunch of weed to experience some euphoria that i never get from life and to keep my head calm

amy s says:

I also had a tmi 3 years ago.. had short term memory loss .. motor issues .. extreme pain .. with physical therapy, occupational therapy, time and “luck” I have made a almost Full recovery, i was unable to walk or move the whole left side of my body for almost 6 months , or have any short term memory. I realize this is not the same for all, and I have been very lucky. Very informative and interesting video. Thank you

Mystical Dreams says:

Did his legs feel shaky and heavy at first when the hospital staff made him walk?

Michael Szabados says:

love the can do spirit

Eliza Rose Cavuto says:

I don't go on face book 3 years under investigation 1 person bee. Arrested so your not talking to Jo-Di Buccafurri. Not ca cledfor investigation

Bite Size says:

Excellent presentation. All so knowledgeable, and Peter’s acceptance and attitude are inspiring.

Chad Killen says:

In 1997 I had a motocross accident. I sustained a contusion and was in a coma for three weeks. I understand the recovery fully because I also am a survivor living with similar struggles. I am thankful for this you have shared here. This is very encouraging to my wife and I.

Jason Stockman says:

I received no therapy

Jason Stockman says:

I turned 36 i a coma

Jason Stockman says:

Its similar to living a life in prison wishing they would kill you , I pray for death

Jason Stockman says:

I don't remember my 2 months in a coma but from what Ive heard this sounds all to familiar – He is lucky his loved ones are still with him , mine have left me for dead

Avian Fernandez says:

Can steams cells help a patient with brain injury.

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