Long-term Effects of Brain Injury

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The road to successful recovery after a brain injury is never an easy journey and unfortunately, its not even a definitive one. There are many long-term effects of brain injury such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and short term amnesia that can affect your life, long after the initial brain injury. For more information on how you can help brain injury survivors, visit http://biak.us.

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millardpureforlife says:

To be honest I’m very very scared this is affected and change my life it’s been a watershed moment

millardpureforlife says:

The light it’s everywhere my perspective is shifting I can see if I see it I can draw it I drew a glass of water and a clear glass just to see if I could and I did it in two hours my drawings are done in less than an hour when these are professors are saying it should’ve taken me 40 hours to do I don’t know what’s happening to me and I don’t know if it’s gonna either progress and if it does will the memory thing progress

millardpureforlife says:

I used to care about doing a job to get paid to get stuff now all I care about and as soon as I get up in the morning is a drop I put my feet on the floor and go to my room and I draw and I draw and I draw till 3 o’clock in the morning sometimes until I fight most of the time when I’m not driving it’s because my wife is fighting with me because I do a drop but I see things differently I see light I don’t see the dark as the light

millardpureforlife says:

The only negative thing to this savantism they call it is my short term memory I can’t remember what I have for breakfast or lunch at 3 o’clock in the afternoon my kids are worried that I’m gonna forget their names I’ve got five a son that’s about to be a Navy Seal and all I do is draw now I want a tile company and my wife is probably gonna leave me because all I care about is drawing what gets my dopamine going is the process of the draw I don’t know

millardpureforlife says:

I just recently went to trauma broke my back and I think I might’ve fractured my neck I have these headaches at the beginning when the headaches went away I could draw like hyper realism I don’t know what to do with this I have a gallery showing the first Friday in June all the galleries want me I never could draw before I’m 43 years old

Miss Esqueda says:

My head trauma was on left side and I have such a hard time to keep it together..people say your smart but I'm a mess and it's been since 1996.i have no job and I want to work what can I do?

Brad Stell says:

What is PVS?

Brad Stell says:

Almost seven months. Four months in a wheel chair.

Marica Maas says:

Kindly look into dangers – also to brain health – as result of taking in too little salt; especially alongside drinking too much water. This is very important specifically for the elderly, since having reduced capacity to hold on to salt. Yet all of us – even elite athletes – are in danger of developing electolyte imbalances – including life-threatening Hyponatremia.

When it comes to healthy, natural, unprocessed fats: Our brain and nervous system mostly consist of fat, and a high fat diet is crucial for the brain and nervous system to develop and function properly.

Additionally the human body – including the brain – is not as much cleaned with water, but mostly – similar to a machine – through healthy fats and oils. Important for example to lubricate the intestines – towards counteracting constipation, and to stimulate the production of detoxifying bile (which also enhances peristalsis); as well as to prevent fat soluble Vitamin ADEK deficiencies.

Is it not high time we stop blaming Salt for the harm Sugar is doing? Altzheimers is now referrred to as T3Diabetes, and as Prof. Robert Lustig explains: High BP is in reality also caused by Sugar, not Salt. Interesting also to realise that the preferred fuel-source of the brain is not Glucose, but clean-burning fat – as Ketone bodies.

To enhance brain health: Employ regular, self-healing intermittend (daily, as well as extended periods) of FASTING; thereby allowing enough time to detoxify from waste products; also by inducing Autophagy (the breakdown and elimination of old cells).

Ben Gaughan says:

I must confess I absolutely deplore doctors I fell 4 stories through a barn shaft and I hurt my back in addition to the tbi to get a non narcotic medication that means I can walk work and function it's worse than crawling through glass to get the medication I need. I'm treated cold unsympathetic I'm treated like a junkie and it literally makes me want to I'm not going to say but I'm sure you get the point. I don't know what to do I meet people for the first time and they think I'm a weirdo that there is something wrong with me. I can't explain that I have a head injury that I didn't used to be like this and it hurts. It hurts worse than the injury itself I get rejected and I can't do anything about it. I can't remember girls names that I dated for months I have to write everything down or it's gone no matter how important it is. I want a doctor who understands that i am a person. I'm done I am a man and a person who is here in life and I want to be understood

Andy CowBoy says:

It’s been 20 years for me TBI and I’m still having trouble or mental health issues!

Shsifi 7637 says:

One year later and I’m hating life but live learning about it

Deb Blackmore says:

Spot on everything you say it's me lol it takes time to adjust to amazing really our brain works I have hypoxia never give up stay safe everyone stay strong sending love from headway Nottingham UK xx

Brad Stell says:

Coming up on five years for me. The toughest the five years of my life. However, if you are reading this and have recently sustained a TBI, don't give up hope and the hard work. And yes, it will be the hardest work you have ever experienced, especially if your injury is in the cerebellum and has affected your psycho-motor functionality. Push yourself as much as you can. In the beginning it will be almost unbearable. But, I promise you it will become less difficult. However, you must be as patient as determined. It will take a long time, especially in your mind. Remember, your mind is much different now. And don't try explaining to family and friends. There isn't much you can do to alleviate their misunderstanding and frustration except working hard and showing them your resilience. It is hell my friends, but with great family and friends you will slowly get better. Don't give up. This too shall pass. The best of luck and God speed from a survivor coming on five years December 24th.

surpriseme says:

…I can remember my neurologist at the children's hospital was so careful not to give me false hope as I was leaving … I healed so quickly and unexpectedly I was on cloud nine…..thought I would get every thing back and heal 100 yeh was I kidding myself…..everything is fucked…and has been for so long I get no medical assistance haven't seen a therapist in over ten years….I'm afraid one day all my anxiety and depression will cause spontaneous combustion…I should have died with the girl I used to be….

Spirit Hawk says:

Im 3 years in head on collision survivor. Got screwed in personal i jury case . NC is draconian when asking for help. Dont accept TBI as a legit injury when seeking aid

Spirit Hawk says:

Bravo Kentucky. Nothing this detsiled in NC to help us with TBI

Danish Miller says:

nope mostly even family attacks you and lost my ability to be a lawyer leaving my wife at only 900 a month and CA HBO pathetic but disabikty officer figured it out

Mary Pulliam says:

Is there any scientific evidence that a brain injury could result in parkinsons or alzheimers in the future? I imagine it is very complicated to determine whether parkinsons came from genetics or if it resulted from the brain injury.

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