Love after brain injury: "All the odds were stacked up against us"

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Thalia and Matt from Cambridgeshire went to school together but their relationship only began after Matt sustained a brain injury. The couple say despite all the challenges they’ve faced, their relationship is constantly evolving, and they work hard to ensure they’re always talking to each other. Here they discuss their love story – from the joys they share together to the difficulties of being a partner and carer.

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Helen Williams says:

Thankyou for sharing your story, and I’m so glad support was there for you when
you needed it most. My very best wishes and love to your family xx

Ian Stewart Orr says:

We met after my brain injury too my love from Scotland 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Deb Blackmore says:

It gets better trust me its just time hard work but I promise it gets better keep going keep positive stay strong stay safe sending luck love from headway Nottingham UK xxx

Deb Blackmore says:

We are survivors kiddo your doing amazing things keep positive keep strong keep going keep your head and heart strong sending love from headway Nottingham UK xxx

Deb Blackmore says:

Bless I have hypoxia brain injury I died 26minutes spent weeks months in coma rehab hospital learning talk walk again been a recovery massive discovery never ever give up on yourself many will never yourselves keep going doing amazing things stay strong stay safe sending luck love from headway Nottingham UK takecare xxx

Tanya Curley says:

Yeah losing my independence,, I had my first stroke at 36 and then a year and a half later I took my 2nd and 3rd 3 days apart xxx

Tanya Curley says:

Aww thats fine lovely I am so happy for you guys your such an inspiration xxx💙♥️💛🖤🧡💜💚

Tanya Curley says:

I have osteoporosis took 3 strokes and was completely parrisllied down the right side, I couldn't even wash myself it took me 6 months to be able to walk again I have to have speech therapy and had to ot and I have epilepsy as well it just feels like I can't do anything xxx💜🧡🖤💛♥️💙

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