'Love You Hard': TC and Abby Maslin share story of brain injury recovery

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A brutal robbery left TC Maslin with a traumatic brain injury at age 29. The experience was an emotional hell for his wife and devoted caregiver Abby. After years of healing, they want others to know there’s hope for survivors of brain injuries.

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Mina Stephanos says:

I found myself here after having a spinal cord injury and watching loads of videos about. I originally felt that my injury has to be the worst of all as i became paraplegic but seeing this another type of injuries made me realize that regardless of the how, life presents can be very tough. However, I can't express how happy i am to see this brave man back on track with a taste of normality despite the fact that it must be much more difficult than it looks.

Lee McAndrews says:

Thank you for sharing this story. I am healing right now. You give me hope.

Robin Jeree says:

I heard Abby mention that writing helped her–TWI (Therapeutic Writing Institute) has a free CareGiver support class right now.

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