Man suffers head injuries after alleged anti-Semitic attack in Beverly Hills

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A man suffers head injuries after he was targeted in an alleged anti-Semitic attack in Beverly Hills.

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@tomstrangeways says:


@cgore4 says:

Media doing all it can to warn people, except show pictures of the suspect…

@dimabelyaev9648 says:

May G-d present Rafael with full and absolute recovery as soon as possible! With G-D`s help, let it be only evident good news to Jewish people and the immediate arrival of the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach right now!

@user-kr2dy2ii6s says:

It’s disgusting how this misinformed anti semetic Islamists agenda is being pushed in every one .

@kidvegas4928 says:

is not what they believe is what they can prove in court, xD
this people. xD

@Tallacus says:

This has to stop, we are a blue city, lets stop the hatred of these right wingers

@dtocksdtocks says:

California is becoming one large Detroit.

@7Little701 says:

Who goes to to commit hate crimes or robbery with a belt 🤨 I think they're leaving out some interaction between them that must have occurred.

@newvilla8115 says:

Zionists manipulate the UNITED STATES, defund racist Israel

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