Master the Basics: Fix Your Stroke Gait

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@amanuelmesfin767 says:

Thanks for your help really….
I have problem in the back of my knee which hyperextend while I'm standing every time, and taking a step… what should I do with it??…

@darkodarkovic7827 says:

My experience says that after the stroke, the same analogy is worth as in technical problems, for a greater failure, repairing longer lasts. You just have to be disciplined and focused on daily exercises. Dr Tara explained everything nicely how gradually but safely to restore the control of the movement.

@LProgressive says:

Yes. If you could stand up and give A quick demo to show the weight shift. And the toe tap? Yes mo otonous. Need to QUICKLY see it again. Thanks

@utkarshprakash6583 says:

I suffered brain stroke 6 months back with hemiplegia but now I m almost there in my recovery can u please suggest some weighted exercises which I can do to regain strength and endurance with confidence I still have some weakness in my leg and arm with hip drop and will I ever be able to enjoy volleyball which I used to do earlier in my lyf before stroke because I m just 33 yrs old man

@marybethcully5883 says:

Thanks needed that reminder!🥰

@russellperry6155 says:

Thats the perfect explanation of the question Ask,Thank again for that,very important

@Livingintheendoftimes says:

Thanks for the great advice

@ms.gemini4657 says:

Hello, I really enjoy watching your videos. However, I noticed that you don’t talk much about paralysis. My daughter was in a terrible car accident last month and she’s now in Rehab and she broke her T12 vertebrae, which they’re saying she is now an incomplete paraplegic , she has lots of sensation in her legs and is regaining sensation in her feet. My goal is to of course get her to walk again. They’re not saying she will or she won’t. They’re just saying give it time, but in the process is there anything you could recommend as far as Rehab or possibly regenerating nerves are neural plasticity to help her in this early process? I would appreciate any information you have to offer. Thank you so much!

@arjunshahu2245 says:

Thank you so much Dr Tara Tobias for another booster video,. This is what I'm exactly doing unknowingly in my progression.

@kicknowledgesmith8608 says:

My walk has gotten better but my knee won't go straight up

@bonyatredway8213 says:

Would someone be able to post link, or give the exact title, to the five minute walk warm up video the doctor talked about? I cannot locate it. Thank you!

Such great content on your channel. My brother-in-law is making progress from your videos. My family is so grateful ❤️

@michaelmallal9101 says:

Green Tara is a famous Tibetan goddess.

@kathrynK303 says:

Thank you so much for the kick in the butt, Ms. Tobias! I definitely need to add the basics back in!

@shanali9742 says:

Dr Tara I recovered 90 percent with the help 0f your videos God bless you. Thanks

@user-wv2xb1oi5y says:

Can you do a video for stroke affected side… arm and where to place electrodes on bicep and tricep when using an estim names device

@user-wv2xb1oi5y says:

I need to hear more on why my knee pops backwards on affected side when walking and how to fix it.

@fredkotthaus1518 says:

Awesome thanks for the information

@virtuosoproductions4589 says:

Neuroanatomically, if a neuron is not reused again, it starts to prune in 24 hours after last use.

@drmarkintexas-400 says:

Thanks for sharing

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