Mastering Knee Extension: Stroke Recovery Guide

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@antopoul13 says:

thank you for all your videos !

@abaadad6833 says:

I am glad to find your channel with a wealth of information, Moreover, i didn't find a video about diabetic peripheral neurology treatment plans.

@arjunshahu2245 says:

Thank you so much Dr Tara Tobias for this superb video, can you please make a video on how Mirror works is helpful in stroke rehab. Kindly tag me in the post.

@fayjoseph7740 says:

Do you have a stages of stroke video where you show how to do exercises/stretching at certain stages of stroke recovery?

@vivinpan says:

As usual, great information.

@Grownman773 says:

I have 2 questions in each one of your examples are for the right leg? Second question my left leg is the effected leg my arch is gone and at the ball of my foot it will not allow me to push off I'm 3 years in I walk well I stomp to my right foot coming off my left foot it looks like my right leg is the effected leg because of this so I walk well but the tightness at my ankle going into the ball of my foot makes me stomp

@darkodarkovic7827 says:

As I walk the streets, I often pause and stretch my foot, ie soleus on the curb along the sidewalk, then lift my foot more easily. The last exercise is to climb the stairs, we stretch the knee, transmitting the heavy body with the dorsiflexia of the foot. Have a wonderful week and Thanksgiving.

@MZacharyTX says:

Something really helpful would be marking the leg/foot/limb you're working on.

@russellperry6155 says:

Its kinda like crouch walking that you have shown some time before, well appreciated,thanks again

@tarunrohit4473 says:

Pls suggest me body side maslus core maslus and back maslus

@analuciaporrassantos5577 says:

good video, could you subtitle in spanish, we don't all speak spanish

@kathyhahn6057 says:

Hi Tara,
While walking I go sideways after 1 mile. It’s feels I get unsteady. Can help with this?

@kgomotsomabena9798 says:

Informative n helpful video Dr👌🏾 I happen to find knee flexion a very challenging experience, foot points and rotates inwardly with over active quadriceps and ‘atrophied hamstrings’ post SCI

@resslerartstudios says:

Can these be done with an AFO? My AFO is hinged. Or should Ido them with both? Wearing the AFO and without the AFO

@MZacharyTX says:

Another great video. I've got so much to do. It can be overwhelming.

@kathrynK303 says:

Thank you so much for sharing, Ms. Tobias! This is definitely going to be so beneficial for me. I hope you have a wonderful week and a fantastic Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for all that you do!

@kskmedia4994 says:

Great dr ❤❤❤ i am waiting this video thanks dr once again ❤❤

@116jaguar says:

Great video doc

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