Matthew's Story: Traumatic Brain Injury

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Matthew Hayden suffered a life-changing traumatic brain injury during an unprovoked assault in 2018. Here he shares his inspiring story along with his mother, Maxine Hayden, who launched a support group named After Matters, offering aftercare for young people and their families after brain injury. To read more about After Matters, and how Slater and Gordon are involved, visit our website:

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IsShawn WithC says:

My # is 352 and a for6too 11 then 83 if anyone wants to talk TBI. 40 year guy in arrested development state from motorcycle accident in 2001. The Thursday before #3 passed during the 2001 Daytona 500

Jack Simpson says:

Matty is a very good friend of mine and to speak out about it is unbelievable. Far play big man! ❤️

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