Maxim Dadashev Death & Boxing Tragedy | Doctor Explains Brain Injury and Warning Signs

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Maxim Dadashev suffered a subdural hematoma and passed away on 7/23/19 as a result of injuries sustained during his boxing match against Subriel Matias. I made this video to teach you about what happened and more importantly what you should watch out for when it comes to more serious types of head injuries.

DISCLAIMER: Content not intended to be taken as personal medical advice. Please seek urgent medical evaluation if you are concerned about a serious head injury. Content used with educational and transformative intent within Fair Use Guidelines.
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Brian Sutterer MD says:

Always be alert for when other fighters, teammates, or athletes could be showing signs of a life threatening head injury.
Rest in peace, Maxim

aresef says:

A lot of this reminds me of what I know of what I was exhibiting and how I was treated after a car wreck.

Steve00 Alt says:

Every contact sport is dangerous but you need to know when to take a very long break. Example Floyd maywether he only competes rarely and he purely relies on his above average speed and grappling to survive the rounds. This has kept his brain sharp and not sustain any serious injury. People need to realize this and do your homework and only compete at rare times.
Boxers that get fatally injured dont practice these steps and they refuse to quit voluntary by themselfs as in walking out of the ring. Health is more important than money

M 3 says:

Prichard Colon

Alvin Sim says:

This is a frighter never give up. You have to fight him to die to win the fight. RIP a true warriors.

Tesla Cyber Truck says:

The problem here is that most boxers don't know how to quit, they can get a bad beating and still desire to continue. Health is priority.

Joaquin Toro says:

This guy is talking too much I was waiting for the actual video.

sea says:

I hit one of my players on accident so hard. That first it took smelling salts to wake him up and as soon as he woke up he threw up. Then threw up on the sidelines. I fealt bad. what happened was a quarter back called me a racial slur. So my coach wanted me to act like a safety then, come up to blitz. My coach told me put the guy in a coma and he allowed me to go full on king Kong on this qb. I run a 4.3 40. I only weighed 190ibs. But you can imagine the adrenaline running through me. I was angry, very threatening and it was clear I had a green light to professionally kill a man. So when the ball was snapped. I blitzed. I didnt see my defensive end blitzing the opposite angle. When I had contact I did a lifting motion cause I wanted to paralyze this dude for the rest of his life. Well when making that lifting motion. oh I got the qp but my right shoulder pad left my players head on it. I sent there QB out on a stretcher, I blacked so hard I pissed myself and I left my player on the ground passed out. But when I did get up. I shook my leg in the QBs faceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

jay gannon says:

I guess you could say, he got MAXed out lolπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

Hello says:

You explained this really clearly, thank you.

L'Quik Shrtz says:

Combat sports are no joke, huge respect for all the fighters out there

Hello There says:

Rip Maxim πŸ˜”πŸŒΉ

Andre Neale says:

Patrick Day

Mark Garduno says:

As one whi laced up the gloves many times, we know this can happen to any of us when stepping into the ring and it's always in the back of our mind. Unfortunately i struggle with some wirds now but I'm at 99% and i consider myself lucky. RIP young man and the may God keep you in his eternal kingdom.

T-raw Deadzone says:

Good video mate πŸ‘

Jorge Gonzalez says:

REALLY FEARED THIS WATCHING DEONTAY FIGHT ! Hit to the back of the head really took a toll. Possible reason for ear bleeding? Idk, was really concerned for him.

SanFranciscoBay says:

When you watch some of the fights of today or in the past by boxers and MMA, I see the amount of hits/elbows/kicks/knees to the head and can't understand how they can continue to fight. You would think they would collapse and die.

Scrim Herolex says:

Isn’t the operation craniotomy called to open the skull and take the bones out ?

Sebastian Ruizcortes says:

Wow, thank you for this video! As a father of a boxer this video is a jewel.

Abhishek Prusty says:

People pay for knock outs , people want to see others fall but that lead to head injuries , concussions and death. Its fact. There is demand and there is the supply. Money rules everything. MMA or UFC , the punches to ear , its all for money and entertainment. Finding Ethics or blaming people who pay and want to see is can't be farther. These replaced the past blood sports to some what ethical version , thats all. Boxing or any sports without protection with knowing the potential risk says everything.

Natalie J. says:

This needs to be spread. Smh I hate hearing people dying like this.

Shawnson Johnson says:

This channel was a great find for me. Keep up the great work!!!

Onix Junes says:

If I was a cornerman I’d rather have the fighter hate me forever for stopping a big fight because I saw symptoms of brain bleed, than wait and see if he dies and let him β€œbe a warrior” this is a SPORT, not WAR. Let your fighters live to fight another day.

FelidaeX Maximus says:

A true warrior and a real champion! Boxing world would never forget you Champ. R.I.P Mad Max πŸ’πŸ™πŸ»

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