MBBS Case Discussion || Stroke || CNS Examination || Hemiplegia

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@mahimabhojwani2908 says:

Is it right umnl or left umnl?? 9:05

@musicallz7449 says:

This is a great initiative Sir❤

@dr.md.shalahuddin2185 says:

The background monitor sound is very annoying.

@balasubramanianramakannu1197 says:

I mean that way Tpa and Low molecular weight heparin is not mentioned..CT AND MRI of the brain during admission to ICU is routine to decide whether it is haemorogic stroke or non haemorogic stroke .That is thrombotic stroke.kindly comment please.

@balasubramanianramakannu1197 says:

Why TPA and low molecular heparin is mentioned..Ct scan and MRI of the brain can be useful if done' during admission to ICU.

@margaretatule1412 says:

The presentation is well explained.
Please, i want to suggest that you support the presentation with the words display on the screen because i am struggling to hear some of the words.
Thank you for much.

@deepakmedico7087 says:

Sir please hinglish me vedio banaye

@yhwhtv4777 says:

Sir the only thing i didn't understood was dysphasia and dysarthria
Aphasia is a disorder of language, isn't it?

@amritpandey4600 says:

Very helpful 😊

@dineshgonnade1498 says:

bed side case discussion are so good sir || NICE INFORMATION || THANK YOU ||

@piyushpatil1519 says:

Omg, first I thought it's an PG case presentation. After reading the comments, i found he is an UG. I am an MBBS graduate, but i am bowing down to this king!! What an immense knowledge and experience he has acquired!! What a HISTORY!! Omg!! Kuddos to you mate! I am feeling so dumb and shameless 🤝🏻. Keep growing ❤❤

@Easy_medicine_USMLE says:

Amazing interesting video❤

@drshaival says:

Absolutely fine…fantastic…please keep it up. Great respect from gujarat

@avneeshsinghai7117 says:

Sir i can not thank you enough, great teaching. I wish every medical student could get a teacher and environment like this.

@dr.harivarma2429 says:

Sir why hypoglycemia seen in strock

@rajangupta4885 says:

Is dream 11 ki add ko kaise ban karein

@officialaarav4737 says:

sir bilingual language use kra kro

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