Medications For Memory Problems After Brain Injury

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Most memory medications were developed for other purposes but have turned out to be useful for people with brain injury.

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Teegan McPherson says:

i went to the doctors and i got diagnosed with anxiety and depression and the meds they put me on make my memory worse when i’m on them lol. the doctor said i probably have memory problems from overthinking a lot but idk lol.

patricial1231 says:

100-200 mg Amantadine a day(prescription), Acetyl-L-carnitine (non-Rx), Sundown mercury-free fish oil for sleep problems associated with mTBI, ibuprofen for the headaches/migraine, and Kira – a St. John's Wort product from Germany (non-Rx)

Ann says:

😐 What if prescribed meds caused your brain injury

Nathan Nicholson says:

But he doesn't say what these medications are called? Can someone tell me please…

Michael Mills Lynn Mass says:

Med will help symptoms. It does not memory loss

LisaMarie B says:

I was put on Aricept briefly to see if it’d help after my TBI. It was amazing with my dreams! Then I was put on ADHD medicine and it probably helps me but I quit as it has down sides too. If there’s a study coming up, I am ready! 🤞

Debbie V says:

Do you mean like aricept? You were speaking too fast and I don’t know what class of meds you said.

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