Memory loss after brain injury

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This animation was produced in response to the findings of a survey conducted by Headway – the brain injury association, which found that 72% of brain injury survivors feel that the people in their life don’t understand their memory problems.

Launched at the start of the charity’s ‘Memory Loss: A campaign to remember’, which focuses on memory loss after brain injury, the animation aims to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by those affected.

It tells the story of Tony, a father who sustained a brain injury in a car accident. After waking from a coma, he didn’t recognise his family and closest friends.

The animation goes on to explore themes of relationship breakdown and the frustration of not remembering everyday events, while taking the viewer along a journey as Tony and his family try to get to grips with a new way of life.

Importantly, the animation gives brain injury survivors and their loved ones guidance on seeking support – whether that be through ringing Headway’s nurse-led, freephone helpline or accessing information on coping strategies within its factsheets and booklets.

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Pioneer HR says:

Good day to every one, i have some questions, if someone know or had this before please help me, my girlfriend had a brain surgery two weeks before, now she woke up from coma and can't recognise me, she knows everything but not the last one year where we was together she even don't know me and my name, so question is : is it possible to forget some memories not all ?, and how long it will take to be normal again?, is it possible to bring all memories that was lost? please guys if you know pm me in this comment thank you

Amanda Lambert says:

Just joined, hello all

Headway Luton says:

Interesting and useful animation 🙂


We are from Pune India Caretaker of Brain Injury person. How you can help us

Sarah Gillanders says:

This is an excellent video. Are there plans to make more videos about other cognitive impairments after brain injury?

Rosie Grubb says:

Brings tears to my eyes- i felt exactly the same and still do after being in a 3 day coma (with ventilator), unconcious for 7 days altogether after an RTA where a drunk woman ran into me… it does get easier but you learn a new way to be. Good luckk to all who have suffered 🙂

Jenny Hughes says:

Thank you for this. Sadly Tony lost even more memories than I did/have. 

At the start everyone looked different & I wasn't sure when I saw who I thought was my neighbour at the postbox whether it WAS her or not so i didn't know whether to say hello, I kept staring at her trying to work out if it was her or not, awful. Now 14 years after my brain injury I'm still realising how many memories I've lost: it isn't until I think (remember what to try to remember!) that I know more of the missing things; for me memories from my childhood are clearer than more recent ones, I think (I read) that it's because old memories have become more consolidated over time; but there are holes everywhere in my memory, scattered, far far worse than before my brain injury and when I try to find them it feels HUGE work and exhausting, and then I get sometimes get very sad and cry. 

I had no idea about all this until it happened to me so thank you for helping to educate us all – when people belittle it/us and say things like "welcome to getting older" it makes me feel SO bad because mine happened one day BAM, not like gradually from getting older.

Julie Ferras says:

yep my life too! so hard sometimes

HQCOMMS65 says:

brilliant ! exactly how i am , i lost all my memories of being married the kids growing up ,forgetting things seconds after doing them is really frustrating !!

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