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Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD after a traumatic brain injury is often a side effect from your concussion. Click here to learn more:

Dr. Fong explains in this video how to navigate mental health issues after a concussion. Mental health issues often accompany post-concussion syndrome and are often one of its symptoms. Dr. Fong explains what to look for, how to deal with mental health challenges, and the treatments possible to get you feeling back to normal.


Have you been dealing with symptoms for longer than 3 months after your concussion, traumatic brain injury, whiplash, or another head-related injury? Sign up for a free consultation with us, and one of our doctors will help you on your pathway to recovery. Click this link here to sign up!

Is it possible to recover from Post-Concussion Symptoms? Yes! You can recover from post-concussion syndrome! This is just one tool that we use to help people recover from chronic concussion symptoms. We have individualized treatment plans just for you. check out our channel for more!

Stop dealing with the symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome, and start living your life again, to the same level or better than before!

Want more information on Post-Concussion Symptoms? Check out this blog post:

00:00 Mental Health Issues After a Concussion
00:11 Personality changes after a concussion
00:40 You are not alone!
01:27 Common Mental Health Struggles
01:42 Depression
02:04 Seek Help!
02:37 Anxiety
03:09 PTSD
04:10 What causes it?
04:52 Do MRI’s see this?
05:38 Other Contributing Issues
06:19 Treatment Options
07:28 What Cognitive FX does
08:01 Please Remember!
08:46 Recommended Videos

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gakpad the junkrat boy says:

The camera angle changing every 2 seconds is so distracting

Paul Lennon says:

Is it possible to feel normal I can't put my finger on it.its like I feel good for a month or so then suddenly I'm confused tired and don't enjoy anything.then I fell good again after a week or so is this reocurring concussion?

Juan Carlos says:

Working out has helped me in improve. ( I do resistance training/ Boxing )
I haven't ate very well during the workouts tbh, but I am now looking to take it seriously & will continue to workout.
I am not promising that it will completely solve all our issues bcuz I am still struggling but there's something there.
Idk how to explain it but there were days where I felt ALIVE AGAIN!

Due to the concussion life has turned into a full blown fight for my life, it's true I may still loose.. but I am not going down until GOD throws in the towel.
Don't stop believing!

Juan Carlos says:

Idk I'm probably just playing myself but this gave me hope.

Faisal Bi says:

Hi please I need help

Chantay Wilkes says:

My doctor said my concussion should be over by now but i still feel pain and sensitivity to light seeing dubble

Thoth Amon says:

i remember in elementary school, in swananoa north carolina, teacher was pushing a desk, it flipped me over, smashed my head, so i started passing out, puking all over the place, horrible pain in my head, so the teacher got a couple of other children to help drag me outside to lay on the bench to wait on the bus, i had massive headaches on and off for over 10 years, still remember the greasy lawyer making threats to prevent my mom from suing them

Hank Moody says:

I don't like people. They always judge. Even after all the medication and therapy, I still want to be alone.

Kameryn Woods says:

I believe that my daughter suffered a brain injury at age 7 from a bike wreck her head hit the sidewalk and she jumped up and ran I had to chase and catch her. The closest hospital to us was also probably the worse hospital in the state of Kentucky or at least in the top ten hospitals in the habit of hiring doctors that are known to be lazy enough to leave gauze and tools inside patients! No double checking?! My exhusbands bestfriend from schools wife is the woman who got the stuff left inside her after a c-section. She almost died leaving a 3 year old and new born with a 20 something new dad. They blamed her that she didn’t keep herself clean and had infections. Anyway my little girl was never quite the same after her concussion the doctors acted like I was overreacting and wasting their time. I think they gave her some cheap fever reducer I could’ve got at the dollar store and a cold rag and sent us home. I know now it was because she had passport insurance from the government by then because I remember whenever my husband had insurance from his work our second child was a premature baby and the staff waited both myself and her dad like their job depended on it if we didn’t know everything about premature babies like a doctor did! But yea I believe my girl suffered that day and that hospital is the reason why she was kept from receiving extra help. She had awful headaches after that but everything just got blamed on her adhd or her meds or missing doses. She changed a lot and had more difficulty.

Houses Built Tiny says:

Hey Doc, what do you think? Since 1 out of 3 people who contract covid-19 are expected to experience some sort of brain damage like the punch drunk syndrome, and we don't know what part of our how the virus causes the synoptic disconnect, could we unknowingly be injecting, with the vaccine, the part wrong part and perhaps be creating a future global pandemic of forgetful angry violent brain damage people?

Victoria S says:

Gosh I wish you were in NZ I have all syndrome symptoms and no support from our so called health system. Thankyou for your information

The Gateway Productions - Therapeutic Music says:

Great video! They should teach the importance of mental health in schools. Well done!

Tristan Vigliotti says:

My problem is that I don’t feel anything not even sad

Josh Reese says:

Thanks for sharing! Have you found that CFX or other brain injury therapy has helped these mental illnesses improve by itself?

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