Michael Wight and Elementary School After TBI

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After a severe TBI at age 4, Michael Wight is now in fourth grade at Switlik Elementary, where they call him “the mayor.” He attends class with other fourth graders and also gets help from a special education teacher, speech therapist, and physical therapist.

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A.J. Marcantonio says:

Today marks 15 years since Michael’s accident.

Diana Diaz-Ortiz says:

This was a great documentary on Michaels recovery.

WastedZymbol says:

Should have never removed the comments on the Cranial nerve test video with Pat Lafontaine! You’re welcome with all the views btw.

Hailey Cavanaugh says:

I went to switlik now I’m at Goetz but I remember him

Shameka Howard says:

I can very much relate to the grieving of your lost child during this process. My 6 year old was hit by a car in Feb 2017. I too am having a very hard time with leaving the past behind. I have cried everyday for my child. I do not know how to get past this. My heart has been broken beyond repair. I am however greatful and thankful that after seven months he is attending school, taking slow steps by hiself, talking and eating on his own. He has small tremors when trying to use his arms. He has dramatically improved and we continue to work constantly. I will not give up but I am seriously broken on the inside. Thank you for your story. I can relate and have a hard time finding stories on young children with this problem.

makayla says:

I'm in Mrs Hughes class in that same room

kurapika the chain user says:

Yesssss my BOI Michael he is my friend in real life! He is the nicest and happiest person I know.

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