Mirror Therapy to Improve Hemiparetic Arm

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Dr. Judy Gooch, a rehabilitation physician talks about using mirror therapy to improve arm use in people with hemiparesis from stroke or brain injury.

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Femboyskater says:

This is exactly what I needed to see try thank you so much

Gaby BIZ says:

My Husbands arm is paralyzed. He has been paralyzed since mid 2017, Due to an injury in his prachial plexus. Does anyone know if this could help or if it would be too late to give it a try?

Sylv 1 says:

Should we move the affected side, either it's a wrong movement? I'm trying since 3 months without moving because I afraid it's worth if the affected side use to move wrong. What do I have to do please?

Om Kanwar Rathore says:

Can a person who have stroke 3 years back also open the wrist and how much time is required

Jacob says:

Would this possibly be a good idea to try even after 21 years?

Jen Ye says:

Ok that’s what I thought, you have to try to move the affected side along with unaffected, thanks

Aleksandar Jevtić says:

Can it help after more than a year since stroke?And the hand is a little functional

Richmond Tooley says:

Great video

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