Molly's Story: Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury and Movement Disorder

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Molly suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury that left her with severe Post-Concussion Syndrome and a hyperkinetic Movement Disorder. She saw over 80 healthcare practitioners, and was told that her symptoms would be permanent. We were honored to assist in her recovery.

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Idris Alfa says:

I'm super excited I have just been cured from hsv2 after using your medicine Thank you #Dritua he can also treat your TBl and any type of sickness you have contact Dr🌱

Miles Cobbett says:

You rock Molly.

Deb Blackmore says:

We are survivors xxx

Deb Blackmore says:

Stay strong stay safe molly hope doing better now keep going doing amazing things sending luck hugs love from headway Nottingham UK takecare xxx

N 10SZ says:

Can you help me in Atlanta?

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