Mood Anger Behavior After Severe Brain Injury

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Ian’s Friend reports a bit more success dealing with Ian’s moods than his parents. He states that Ian will still listen to him when he tries to tell him to get it together.

Yeah. I just did it ten minutes ago. Well, I was telling him he needs to walk, and he’s trying to tell me, “I can’t. Every time I go to do something, somebody calls me.” I said well then you call them and say you’re going to be doing this and you’ll be back then. “No, then it’s my wife and she’ll call me and I was going to walk at the mall, and she’ll call me and my son’s throwing things, slamming the doors, you got to come home.”

And by the time he gets back home, the kid’s in the shower, everything’s cooled off. You know, I said here you wasted a half an hour. You drove there from the mall, drove back home and now you’re going to have to drive back to the mall again just so you can do your walk. And he’s making excuses of why he shouldn’t go out for a walk.

I told him, you need to set up a schedule, and if you need someone to walk with you, I’ll walk with you. I also caught him on, he was trying to, I was telling him about the anger thing I was telling you about just a little while ago, and he was trying to cut in and I said: No listen. You just shot off at me out of nowhere. You were mad at me just out of the blue. You know and that’s not right and you have something inside you, it may be subconscious that’s pissing you off and you need to get it out, because you have, the last 2, 2 1/2 months, he has been really, really bad.

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I have a tbi. I understand

lgb says:

Its like having a devil in you that flys out at random

chanel Jeneive says:

I need help big time, the VA is not a good place to go for this.

Sheila Reynolds says:

This is awful for family members too. I know.

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