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Dr. Alina Fong explains mood disorders, mood swings, and personality changes after a head injury, concussion, or TBI and how to recover from them with help from Cognitive FX.

Our blog post about Personality Changes:

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Are you dealing with mood changes, personality changes, mood swings, mood disorders, or behavior changes?

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Important mood change info timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:48 Common emotional symptoms
02:06 What you can do and who can help you
03:26 Best place to get treatment

Cognitive FX is the World’s Premier Center for Concussion Treatment.

Mood changes sometimes happen after a head injury, concussion, or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and can be hard to deal with. The good news is mood changes can be helped and managed. Often times, mood changes are a direct result of head injuries or TBI’s because the injury changes your brain and its blood flow. It’s common to see mood changes appear as mood swings or behavior changes. Mood disorders can become present after a concussion, head injury, or TBI but the good news is that it can be helped, managed, or resolved!

Mental health is also important to maintain. Depression, anxiety, and other disorders are often present as well after a head injury, concussion, or TBI. Depression and anxiety are often difficult to deal with, so please reach out to a family member or friend for help. Psychiatry is also helpful in managing depression caused by a head injury, however, this may not resolve it. We strive to increase mental health awareness to help those in need.

If you, or someone you know, have been dealing with mood changes, mood swings, mood disorders, or behavior changes since a head injury, such as a concussion, this video is for you! Mood changes are often a symptom of PCS or Post Concussion Syndrome.

Post-Concussion Syndrom (aka Post Concussion Symptoms) can come from physical changes in our brain. If you have been experiencing mood changes or other post-concussion symptoms sign up for a FREE consultation with one of our doctors! Link below!

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Cognitive FX is a concussion clinic for anyone who is suffering from post concussion syndrome.

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Cognitive FX says:

If you are dealing with personality or mood changes due to a concussion, check out our channel for more helpful information!

Lisa Gilmore says:

this is such bull crap. she knows nothing just like every doctor i have talked to. in 2007 i was hit for the 7th time. open head wound tbi. not a stupid car wreck. 7 ieds 7 concussions in 14 days point blank range. try it out it was wounderful

Jonathan Bulkheed says:

You are talking about me. It feels weird. I get SO homicidal when those mood swings happen. I wish I had a good doctor like you instead of the crappy VA.

Ugochi Jenny says:

What God cannot do doesn’t exist

Ash Lo says:

I dated 2 men with TBI and both were changed permanently after. 1st guy became a narc. He tried to fight it and tried bring selfless but eventually his true colors came about and had the emotional intelligence of a high school jock. I knew this man would never take responsibility for his actions, never be empathetic, and never get his shit together. 2nd guy, total opposite. I think his injury made him a total empath. He literally thinks of others before himself and so far I've known him, wouldn't dare hurt a soul. Different strokes for different folks. The mind is an extraordinary thing.

R S says:

I had a few concussions from playing sports, mostly ice hockey. The last one though was pretty bad and I was behaving really bizarre, literally getting into fights (physically with strangers and verbally with friends and family) or I was overly complimenting people. It was embarrassing because I'm not like that, but I'm only now thinking how it could be related.

Lav 85 says:

I don't disagree ✨

Stephane Gregoire says:

I like iblistned listbed I warch watch this and this is nice I have a tb I as qell qell qell and these are good to hear my sister showed me this

The Elder says:

Pity my now ex husband didn't seek this type of help. Instead he chose to blame me and after 25 years of marriage, started talking to other women, eventually taking up with two of them! leaving me devastated. He suffered a motorcycle accident and was never the same.

Nonzwakazi Nelly Malahlela says:

I'm 38 year's, i was hit by a car when I was still a child around 9 , 10 years old, i had a bump on my head since and sometimes it's soft sometimes it's hard, i have a explosive anger , i also suffer from anxiety and depression, my happy mood is always short lived, i always prefer to be left alone , i don't like to be around people for long time , i having definitely learning and remembering my life and people i have meet, what can i do to fix this , I'm in south africa.

O-Towne Music Junkie says:

Having had more than a few concussions in my life (sports and recreation) and two nasty ones, I am only now realizing the damage done (I am 57). Mood, depression, anxiety. Thank you for this video. It is only the first step in my research but it helped a lot.

TBI Survivor says:

Tbi survivor and mental health social media platform here! – would love to collaborate

TBI Survivor says:

Tbi survivor & mental health social media platform would love to collaborate!

SMC Remix87 says:

i had a head injury years ago about a year later i developed terrible anxiety for 10 years without remerging it was from the head injury. i have been coping now and rebuilding myself

jjconc says:

My husband understands but family members tell me to "get over it." I am picked on a lot. Some family members are MDs.

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