Mood Emotions Post Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

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One of the limitations of TBI Voices has been the inability to interview more of what would be called the “collateral” voices of those who new our interviewees best. With Steven, the one person who might shed the most light on some of these issues is what I have referred to as his “pseudo girlfriend.” Because of the end of that relationship, real insight into what he moods were like during that period isn’t available. This is a common problem post TBI, as so often the temper and stress of surviving TBI, not only result in failed relationships, the endings tend to be bad and bitter.

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Charlotte Rusalka says:

So are you saying what Steven has communicated isn't "real insight", like b/c he is a TBI survivor he can't adequately describe what he experiences? Did HE like calling the person he lived with his "pseudo girlfriend"? Or are you someone who was desperately trying to fit the person into the symptoms you think are common as an effect of a TBI? I found your description of the video and questions ask condescending, cold, and clinical. Steven has alot more know-how than you do on the subject.

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