More than 6hours sleep is killing your brain and performance | Dr Andrew Huberman

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Speaker: Andrew Huberman
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Andrew Huberman is an American neuroscientist and associate professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine who has made many contributions to the brain development, brain plasticity, and neural regeneration and repair fields.

Huberman Toolkit For Sleep:
Magnesium Glycinate:
SAD Therapy Light (for early morning sunlight):
Blue Light Glasses:
Weighted Blanket:

For Increasing Testosterone:
Tongkat Ali:
Fadogia Agrestis:

For Boosting Cognitive Function and Well Being:
Alpha GPC:
Grassfed Liver:

Wellness Hacks:
Affordable Infrared Sauna:
Affordable Cold Plunge Tub:
Book For Breathing:
Book for sleep:
Book on Wim Hof Breathing:


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@InfinityProTeam says:

I wonder what Dr Matthew Walker would think on this

@johnmcwick1 says:

I found 7 to be the sweet spot for me

@orenavinoam11 says:

That makes sense. The body is a machine, and its function is rooted in patterns. Your body adjusts to the patterns of your behavior.

@Leinja says:

I consistently sleep 0 hours, I'm feeling great!

@bigben42 says:

Take everything Huberman says with a grain of salt

@brianstepaniak9615 says:

Quality sleep r.e.m sleep 😴

@AntonioMontana_7.5 says:

Na i need 9

@realperx1102 says:

I need 8 at least. If i don't set an alarm i sleep like 9 – 10 hours.

@IamAramis says:

What about muscle growth? 6 hrs sleep is enough?

@NeoN-PeoN says:

If you are one of those people that struggle to fall asleep, I promise you won't if you start hitting the gym. On days I lift, I can fall asleep seemingly the moment I hit the pillow.

@skyethewylder says:

After a career in nursing I can't sleep much later than 5 AM. What I do now that I am retired is meditate using my Muse headband and Dr Joe Dispenza meditations or my own. For an hour, outside on our big covered patio, no matter the weather (wind or the rare dairy smell will drive me inside). I greatly prefer that to nursing and my quality of life has improved greatly. I can't sleep in at all..for that matter by 10 PM I'm ready for bed.

@MarkAnthonyVanWiemeersch says:


@aadityaaasharma4172 says:

You misguide people by title of this short

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