"Moving Forward" from Traumatic Brain Injury

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This full-length film has been over a year in the making following the journey of Danny Toumarkine after suffering from a traumatic brain injury on January 3rd of 2011.

Danny and his brother Conor had shared a dream of creating a season long snowboarding video for nearly 15 years. After starting a production company called Shreddy Times in 2007, together they documented Danny’s path to stardom within the snowboard industry. While filming in Montana, with a group of close friends, Danny fell on a routine jump and hit his head. After nearly two weeks in a medically induced coma, four brain surgeries and thirty-three days later, Danny was discharged from the hospital.

Watch, as Danny overcomes the most challenging and difficult time of his life. With epic documentation of Danny’s near death experience, this video takes you through the ups and downs of his recovery process.

For more information on Danny’s story check out:

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Music (In Order of Appearance):
I Love Monsters – “Rescue”
DEERPEOPLE — “Dr. Gay Washington”
DJ Largechild — “Shook (Mash Up)”
Alexander — “Truth”
Matt Zajac — “Moving Forward”
Maclane Georgeson – “Sobering Moment”
Matt Guillroy – “Bounce”
Jeff Pianki — “Reenactment Pt. 1”
Jeff Pianki — “Reenactment Pt. 2”
I Break Horses — “Winter Beats”
DJ Largechild — “Cross It Remix (Jose Gonzalez v Missy Elliott)”
Oddisee — “Skipping Rocks”
Lee Coulter — “The Rendezvous”
Con Bro Chill — “Power Happy”
Marc B — “Forgiven”

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Zack Evanz says:

Such a hard yet inspirational documentary to watch. Still come back to this years later and am moved to tears everytime I watch it. Glad he was able to recover the way he did.

Casey says:

Inspiration for sure!

Dawn Lee says:

So inspirational and yes always wear a helmet!!!!

Just Me Ashley says:

How in the world did all that damage come from that regular old jump? He’d a pro! Gosh dan I’m so so sorry
Man. I pray you get better and better everyday!

bepowerification says:

he was SO lucky he didnt end up being a vegetable and just a shadow of himself trapped in a disabled body unable to walk… it was just luck, a lot of it. I'm glad for him.

Cindi Fortner says:

Great story of strength, love, passion God bless.
Also Awesome message

shirley salas says:

same here I saw my older son in the ICU in a coma for 1 month and 1/2 very hard to see your son laying in the ICU with TBI praying for you all

Dude Plays says:

this made me cry, i had a brain injury a year ago and ever since im a completly different person and i hate it. I ve lost the ability to communicate and express emotions

carlos Garcia says:

i was in a car accident this year 2016.and had a bad TBI broke TH bone broken ribs.and still try thou recover from this is a long and slow recover from this TBI.

John Lamphier says:

I looked at this footage for 5 seconds and had to shut it down. my tbi was for a different reason but I've been
through so much with it

Eric Wells says:

Great video.  Hopefully his recovery process keeps going well.  I used to work for 6 yrs at a local TBI rehab facility in my area and loved each and every minute of it – first as a Living Skills Staff than transitioned over to Rehab Aide – great experience and I had a blast every minute working with the clients and seeing their recovery and victories they had in life.  I learned some great life lessons from my clients and to all in the comments who have been touched by TBI in whatever way – NEVER give up – NEVER!  

So amazing to see Danny joke about all of this during his recovery.  I have seen the worst of the worst and its always truly amazing when they walk right out that door when its their time to go back to their families.  Danny is so lucky, so lucky.  Sometimes people never leave a facility or go back to their families and that always breaks my heart when I saw that – was soooooo hard for me and so amazing to see Danny get right back to what he loves doing despite what it did to him

Lucy Bennett-Katinis says:

Thank you for making a TBI video that people can adhere to. I myself am a TBI survivor ..

Stephanie Chasing Boston says:

This is so awesome to watch! Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. Your testimony of life will make such an impact on people, doesn't life have such a powerful way of teaching us… I hope to see your memoir on the stands soon… #TBIawareness   #ShareYourStrongInc   #SurvivorsRock  

BrianC03311978 says:

Your story is very inspiring! I too had a TBI. I was involved in a freak racing accident on 6/8/12, which put me into a 23 day long coma! My TBI didn't involve any brain surgery, but in did screw up my vision. I hit my head/helmet hard enough, to not only crack my helmet which caused to permanent brain damage, but it made both of my eyes move a few millimeters in different directions! I have my 3rd eye surgery coming up this month, so if everything goes well, then I'll be able to drive a street car again. Even though my life has been flipped completely upside down, my attitude is a lot like yours!! It could have been a lot worse, so I'm just thankful that I'm still alive!!

Taiweannoona says:

There was a lot of love and empowerment there! Danny and Connor, you guys really inspired me to keep fighting to recover from my head injury. Some days I think, will l ever beat this? Will l ever mountainbike again? Will l ever feel myself again? Thankyou for giving me hope that l will. Saw you boys strap those helmets on…keep on celebrating life guys! Live long and well!

Second Chance to Live says:

Thank you for sharing. Awesome job in putting the video together. Very well put together. I have lived with a traumatic brain injury for 47+ years. My brain injury occurred when I was 10 years old due to a motor vehicle accident. I sustained an open skull fracture with right frontal lobe damage, a severe brain bruise and brain stem involvement.I remained in a coma for 3 weeks. I am acquainted with grief and acceptance. I seek to share hope through Second Chance to Live — a web log — that I created on February 6, 2007. If I can be of help, please let me know. Don't Give Up Danny!!! More will be revealed in time. Here is a link to Second Chance to Live http://secondchancetolive.wordpress.com/. I look forward to hearing from you. Craig

Jacob Pry says:

this is very inspirational

Michael English says:

I was hit by a car when I was 14 – over 17 years ago now. My head was the first thing to make contact with the vehicle. I was not wearing a helmet. I had an orbital blowout fracture and the skull covering my right frontal lobe was shattered which has been replaced by a titanium plate. Under the skull was an epidural hematoma with mass effect, and under that, a subdural hematoma which they were unable to evacuate due to the severity of my injuries. The scar tissue is believed to be the epicenter of the epilepsy I have had now for almost 7 years. You never recover, you just try to do a little better every day.

Gail Galloway says:

Amazing video…my son was hit by a car while long boarding and the only thing that saved his life was his helmet….survivors of head injuries show more strength and courage in their recovery than I knew was possible….so happy for you 🙂

Jessica Toresco says:

Awesome video, sorry about the injury. I suffered a TBI the week of my high school graduation back in 2009. I was in a coma for 3 months and now I am walking and talking and going to school. I dont think I will be snowboarding any time soon though, I have to use a cane and my right arm still doesnt work all that well…but It will soon. Good luck with your movie. I hope to help people to, there is hope and life goes on…its just a little different now.

Jeremy Bee says:

That is awesome that more people are thinking of helmets. I am glad to see Danny doing so well and moving forward.However my son was lifeflighted even with wearing a helmet and a neck brace to prevent neck injuries(not a cheap ones either) in a dirtbike accident..his helmet kept his skull safe but not the blow to the brain. He is doing better and you couldn't tell by looking at him he has permanent brain damage. TBI's can happen with helmets too. Just always put the man upstairs first..he will lead the way on whatever path you choose.

Daxter says:

I hate seeing such videos, it could've been avoided so easily. Wear a helmet, seriously, snowboard helmets don't even look bad, what the fuck! 😀

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