Multiple Sclerosis and spasticity

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Learn more about multiple sclerosis and spasticity, as Dr. Francois Bethoux, Director of Rehabilitation Services at Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment and Research, discusses the topic with one of his patients. For more information about spasticity or other related MS questions, visit

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Darius Han says:

I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis 2007, I was place on Chemotherapy, anti inflammatory, immunosuppressive drugs and steroids for many years but none seems to get rid of it completely and my MS Symptoms keeps increasing. I was introduced to Dr Madida natural medicine that I used for couple of months and health situation changed, all the symptoms all disappeared. I am happy that I am writing this all by myself today, strong and healthy. Find this medication from DR MADIDA on YouTube and I wish you all the best as you try this medication out.

S O says:

YouTube Alan Macdonald: MS is a parasitosis

Esside says:

I was diagnosed with MS about 6 months ago (I think). The spasticity I suffer from is mostly in my arms. although my balance is now shot, it is my arms I am most concerned with. I try to hold things and I find I will just let it go for no reason. My arms shake as though I am shivering all the time. It makes it hard to type this out.

The Adhd Gardener says:

I have uncontrollable leg spasms n clonus every evening n night😑 there's NO sleeping with that let alone concentrate

Gai Mashat says:

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Engineer Corner says:

I am dealing with spasticity and loss of coordination. It has been a HUGE life change for me. Thank you for the video!!!!

Michael McKinney says:

I literally have muscle spasms all over my body and have been having this issue for 8 months. It is just getting worse. There’s is not pain but I do feel tingling sensations, especially in my legs

Eisten Lawson says:

I want to thank Dr Madida who I met on YouTube for curing me of Parkinson Disease.

sshaxy says:

i have had pain in the calf, but it doesnt seem "tight". The muscle just seems extremely sore and hurts when i massage it, i cant tell if its spasticity or not.

John Plawzan says:

I need your help dr. Betoux. I'm a patient at ccf. Spasticity all over.

Christine R says:

It would be best to show the physical exam of the patient rather than his just sitting there (if he is the patient)

Madge Jenner says:

I get it in my hands its scary, hand seems to go out of shape, i hit it and massage it and it gets back to normal, its weird 🙁 and it hurts

Yvette Church says:

Does specifically make your chest hurt

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