Multiple Sclerosis Muscle Cramps: What is Spasticity?

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What is spasticity? What’s up with Multiple Sclerosis muscle cramps, legs spasms and stiff limbs? I answer these questions in this short focus video.

The footage for this quick Multiple Sclerosis educational video is cut from a longer video on spasticity I recorded a while back. This focus video concept is new, and I’d love feedback on if you like this “just the facts” quick video style or not? Please let me know in the comments!

LEARN about MS with me, Aaron Boster MD! I started this channel to help my own MS patients learn between clinic visits. I use easy-to-understand language to provide accurate and approachable Multiple Sclerosis education. So, if you’re impacted by MS and want to up your game, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel right now!

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NOTE: Make sure to talk to your provider before ANY treatment decision. We hope to educate, empower and energize those impacted by Multiple Sclerosis. This channel consists of a collection of formal lectures and informal video clips about MS to help education others. These videos do not provide medical advice and are for informational/educational purposes only. The videos are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read or seen in any of our videos. They are just to help educate you about the condition guys!

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Aaron Boster MD says:

This quick (under 2 minutes) focus video is cut from older footage I recorded on spasticity. I'm trying this new format, what do you think? Are focused videos like this one something you'd like to see more of? Please let me know in the comments section!

It’sme says:

i have spasm in my body i feel my muscles shaking when i try to move also when it’s not moving do this have any cure ? it comes and go sometimes

Metaphysically Lux says:

Great video but what causes tremors?? There are times my left leg shakes so hard it looks like a seizure.

Traci F says:

What term would characterize not being able to walk or use an arm at intermittent times. I use to get a weird feeling throughout my body and I knew it was coming and would only last a short time, but would do it multiple times a day for quite a while until it tapered off. Would this be possibly deemed as some sort os seizure? Yes I do currently have MS and thankfully it has not happen since, but always wondered.

EllieAndi says:

Spasticity is ruining me right now… I'm on baclofen it does nothing for these attacks… I've fought for diazepam again not doing much of anything… The nurses keep saying "it's just an exhaserbation"… Burn all I can think of is this isn't "just" anything… These are causing me choking, my tongue to be stuck or rattle, coughing. And of course rapid muscle movements elsewhere… something that causes me to be unable to breathe for periods of time can't "just" be anything surely…

Sumkndufwondrful Montana says:

Thank you so much for this information there’s not much information on spasticity… you explained it perfect! Do you have a video on a new symptom I’m having where I wake up and my ankle and foot is feeling like it’s being crushed and being torn towards the inside to the other foot it’s so painful and I can’t find any information on it? Thank U again! 🧡MS AWARENESS🧡

springfield says:

Hi Aaron.

Just for better audio quality purposes, would you consider getting a microphone or change your recording machine so that there is no background noise. Would be really great for us subscribers! Take no offense. Thanks in advance for great video content 🙂 You help so much with this channel. Appreciate your hard work.

Have a great day!

Eric Halvor says:

Dr. Boster, I broke my back in a couple of places in '03, and was diagnosed with MS about 6 years ago. I currently have 2 lesions active in my neck, but am suffering horrible lower back pain for no obvious reason near one of the break sites. Can MS interact with the old spinal injury to cause this agony, or is it likely unrelated?

spirit390 wesley says:

I just want to add I do not want to know how to treat my problem I only want to know the medical term for the condition. Thanks again

spirit390 wesley says:

Hey Doc what do they call it when only part of the muscle relaxes and part of it stays contracted forming a knot. I get them in my lower calf muscle(lowest part of the Gastrocnemius) and upper thigh where the muscle connects to the groin(highest part of the Adductor Longus) Left leg only they get as big as tennis balls and stay at least four hours and as long as four days. Very painful and the only thing that helps is a trip to the ER where they give me 10mg of IV Valium and a IV Morphine. That takes the pain away but the knot can hang around for days. I have had all the test they are not blood clots or anything else just muscle cramps. Sorry for being so specific and thank you so much for the work you are doing. You are helping more people than you truly know. God Bless You

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