My Brain Injury and Its Impact on My Life

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After the accident that left Kristi Kragthorpe with a brain injury, she suffered the loss of things she used to take for granted — balance, working with numbers, executive function, and taking initiative. Now she uses apps to help her gain back some of the functionality and independence she had before her TBI.

Hear more from Kristi Kragthorpe about her life with brain injury (

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Bea Geraghty says:

You are an inspiration. I have had numerous head injuries. The one thing that helped me the most was natural progesterone, vitamin d and vitamin k. I now follow the work of Dr Raymond Peat. I now make 1 change at a time so I can work out if it made a positive or negative impact. Good luck 😊

Amadeus says:

I had a subdural hematoma on my left side of my brain… don’t know if it’s affected my life yet..

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