My Traumatic Brain Injury Is Ruining Our Marriage

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My Traumatic Brain Injury Is Ruining Our Marriage

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Caitlin Broza says:

This man is in trouble. He is so tired and frustrated, wants to be normal but it can't be. Acceptance of a permanent disability and a "new normal" is so hard (I had to do that) but once he accepts and works with, not against, the situation, things do get better. And there is a recovery.

0 Seve says:

Sounds like autism meltdown lots of ppl live with that!!

noname75013 says:

Men just need to understand, if u lose your job or get sick the chance of urcwife leaving significantly increases. There is no "for worse"

Curious Lights says:

He is insecure, needs too much reassuring, & interrupt too goddamm much. If you call for someone's opinion, let them speak.

Juliana Barnes says:

Thank you #DrEdeSpellCaster for restoring back my marriage after casting a powerful love spell when I had an issue with my husband. Thank you sir

Timothy Cow says:

doubt this is a result of an accident

Colin W says:

This man needs to seek out EMDR therapy. I endured a severe TBI in 2014 and had EMDR therapy in 2017-2018. Complete reversal of cognitive functioning. I’d walk out of the EMDR therapy office feeling like Superman. It’s very beneficial!

JC Stuart says:

Keep getting help – it’s doable – your effort in seeking help means everything to those who love you.

Liza W. says:

I feel the pain in this guy's voice. He sounds like he s doing everything he can.

Liza W. says:

This is what "in sickness and in health" means when you say the vows. My husband's counselor said you have to look at the problem separately away from the person. Like you and your wife are on one side together and you are looking at the problem in front of you. It has to be that way. We went through so much of that when my husband got home from a deployment. I feel for this guy and his wife. I hope you guys make it, hold on to each other and give yourself some major grace.

HurricaneAlisha says:

Read the story of Phineas Gage… TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) can change a person partially or wholly! Brain injury often goes undiagnosed and there are millions of people walking around with mTBI and more severe TBI and post concussion syndrome everyday who do not realize that the car accident, fall, ejection from a horse/bicycle, 'tap on the head/back' etc have impacted them. This guy sounds like he's doing the best possible things which is seeking help, trying to stay with the awareness of his condition and curbing his behaviors… most common 'symptom' after someone has a concussion/TBI is isolation: often not by choice, but because others don't understand or don't know what to do, don't want to be involved with 'a crazy person' or just want the 'old you' back… so sorry this has happened to him. Be safe y'all 🙏

Agent Migs says:

Why is she the only one being the target of these outbursts though?

umsamudz says:

Not everyone is built for intimate relationships, realizing that you might be one of them is painful. I wish him the best, and I wish her peace and safety.

Blacktail Creek Homesteader says:

Please have this guy get vision therapy. The optical nerve cuts through the whole brain so this may likely be affecting him and he doesn't know it.

Rebecca Oprea says:

And the thing is that many of us have to deal with people who have anger issues that mimic what he has .

Zeal4God says:

So many are also ruining their marriages by daily brain-damaging activities and exposure

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