Myers-Briggs Explained in Less than 5 Minutes – 16 Personalities

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Myers Briggs Explained in Less than 5 Minutes: What do the 4 letters mean in the 16 Myers Briggs Personalities?
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@FrankJames says:

Share with a friend who can spell "spontaneous" correctly 😛
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@TheRealNancyWheeler says:

I’m still stuck on whether in INFJ or INFP. On one hand, I do ask people for advice, on the other I rarely follow it. On one hand too many options stress me out, on the other I kinda what to know all my potential

@gorillag2044 says:

I= introvert
E=extra vert, vary extra😅
S= singing
In= intuition
F= feeling
T= Thinking
J= judging
P= perceiving

@jamd6851 says:

Hi everyone quick question i want to actually share my personal life with you because i’m curious and crazy about thing when i learn new things here i go:

Personality MBTI

– Communication style: I like to be by myself most of the time but i’m very calm and easygoing to be around with but my energy gets drained whenever i talk to people thats why i always contemplate what i said whenever i talk to people but its alright because i moved on easily than i expected, I always listen and ask question all the time because i’m curious about life, business, sci-fi, fictional characters, deeper understanding of the universe, sports and anime any types of topics that actually can be related to other things to boost for learning and apply it to life purposes, build inspiration and motivation or something fun to not be boring. Thats my communication skills

– Hobby: well in terms of life i actually hate loud noises and i love roasting people about jokes and i hope that i have good sense of humor which i want to learn , i like to watch movies, reading manga, anime, video games, and watch sports, learning about engineering cause i want to be advance to the coming years of becoming a college student, i hate messy thing i get mad whenever someone keep messing around and I just do the chores cause no one gonna do it anyways, i don’t scold them i just do it cause i don’t want my surroundings to be messy, and whenever we go to the mall my mom and my siblings keep buying worthless items and try to insists them not to buy cause its not needed for life purposes because we have to save more money most of the time and whenever theres a fight i just keep myself involve cause i hate annoying arguments that doesn’t even worth of something and i need to actually stop it i was trying to buy earplugs cause i hate loud noises seriously and i like to stay at home listening to music and whenever someone disturbs me i glare or get angry cause i’m a very private person and i hate when someone invade my space.

– What i like the most : i like music, i love sci-fi and action genre, i don’t like fantasy or literature but i’m really interested to bible and science about the Euphrates river prediction, i like conspiracy theory , i like feel good comedy movies, i like to be surrounded by astoundingly smart diverting people, i like history in some cases not all the time, i just like listening and watching all of these things but not talking about them cause it takes hours to discuss it . I just prefer to be stay quiet. But whenever i decide things i have to have pros cons and calculate in terms of my capacity to be sure if its worth of trying or buying.

– Future plans: well i want to learn lots of things in college and after finishing it I want to have a good routine of having a healthy mind, to boost my energy, and fight for anti aging and also be a part of institutions and organization for networking maybe travel around the world. Seems kinda nice
– Thank you for reading this tedious personality description but let me know what you think?

@Triforce1018 says:

Ive been blindly watching these vids without any idea what each one was.

@bmsd6192 says:

VEREY informative, someone close to me gave me this test to take some what inciteful but not a bad test over all!!!!

@adamwilliams7710 says:

I = Introvert
E = Extrovert

S = Sensing
J = intuition

F = Feeling
T = Thinking

J = Judging
P = Perceiving

@moonbow3641 says:

I put all the ones I was and ended up ISTJ

@marycumming8461 says:

I really like diving into the functions, but that gets deep and confusing. Best explanation I've heard or seen with just the traits!

@shelovesrealmadrid says:

As an Infp, we're not having fun 🤧🤌🏻

@dragonlord1333 says:

Wow am I the only ISTP in this comment section? Everyone is INFJ

@nathanrodrigues5973 says:

7:26 guy became Michael Jackson 🤣

@skytsil says:

this is accurate for 16p but 16p is not myers briggs mbti uses cognitive functions and these are not at all what they are

@larseriksson42 says:

So extremely many mistakes in such short time, but parts correct because of other reasons than assumed. Not impressed

@fluteetvioloncelle says:

Thank you. That's the video I needed to finally watching your videos without guessing

@SwissGIRL1329 says:

I just understood the last letter….😶

@RealTimePogo says:

I’m introvert, but I still don’t understand any of the other ones. And no you videos are not funny if I don’t understand them.

@falcon3419 says:

My MBTI is idgf

@agnessss_ says:

Fun fact: i'm a P type and Paul is my favorite of the Beatles

@Its-a-dang-cat-bunny says:

I guess I’m a ISTJ

@annak8249 says:

…. In a nutshell…. Thanks😮

@bishakha155 says:

INFJ to ENTP i wanna change my personality type❤

@n_yuri_ki says:

INTP >>>>>> thx I learned a lot

@Sammi_Freeman says:

I'm a ESTJ… I think.

@izzystarwars3548 says:

When you an intp and Paul is your favourite beatle lol

@brandimullins8813 says:

P vs J is this
Goal: Research apples to see which one is your favorite

P approach: Open 10 tabs in your web browser all about apples and read/skim through all of them and then form an opinion about the best type of apple.

J approach: Look through the top 5 articles rated as the most helpful, see which one seems to be the most reliable, and read that one, then choose based on that information.

@cosmophile7663 says:

Thanks never have i ever listen this much clear understanding about this

@saturnzz_r1ngs says:

I’m an intj lol😭🫶🏼

@MineralWater675 says:

I'm an ENFP❤ And I'm really interested in finding out others MBTI without asking them 🙂 For example… There's a girl I met in Thailand and her personality really seems special in a way🤔 I'm currently trying to find out. Wish me luck! =]

@karishmabirari9194 says:

What if someone is Ambivert? Now there is 3rd catagory othecthan introvert or extrovert its Ambivert. Ambivert is mix of both depends upon situation or people around them

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