Navigating Relationships After Brain Injury – With Michelle Munt

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Michelle Munt, brain injury survivor, life coach and founder of Jumbled Brain ( ) is my guest in this interview, where we discuss the topic of ‘Navigating Relationships After Brain Injury’.

This is a great interview. If you’ve had a brain injury or you’re a caregiver for someone who’s had one or if this is a subject that interests you, then you don’t want to miss it.

Michelle and I agreed that every brain injury survivor we’ve ever come across has struggled at some point or at some level with relationships with others after brain injury. Michelle shares her own experiences and insights with us here.

We also discuss the need for a growing awareness in society around brain injury.

Michelle Munt was in a car accident December 2014 which caused a diffuse axonal brain injury that wasn’t diagnosed properly for over a year. She started a blog,, as she knew almost nothing about brain injury before it happened, and it occurred to her that there must be thousands of people just like her who didn’t understand what is reasonable to expect of a brain injury survivor. Her energies go into raising awareness of brain injuries and better understanding of brain injury survivors.

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Michelle recently because we both write about brain injury and recovery for UK law firm, CFG Law ( Earlier on in my recovery from concussion after a car accident in 2016, I stumbled across Michelle’s blog and it was such a helpful resource. Reading it helped me to not feel so alone and so helpless. Just reading about someone else going through a similar experience was so reassuring and she shared so many insights, tips and strategies that I was able to put into practice and take action on.


This was such a wonderful interview to have, thank you, Michelle.

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Lita says:

Where can we find Michelle’s blog?

Michelle Munt says:

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk through this with you which I think is such an important part of a brain injury survivors recovery.

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