Neuro Optometric Vision Rehabilitation (Brain Injuries & Vision)

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Visual problems are often overlooked during initial treatment of a brain injury and a regular eye exam often does not reveal the extent that the visual process has been affected. Vision problems that are left untreated can have serious consequences. Individuals who have experienced some sort of neurological insult or injury, and who are experiencing visual symptoms, can benefit from a vision assessment from a Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Optometrist, an eye care professional who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of neurological conditions adversely affecting the visual system.

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@jasonn_lifts says:

Does this help lazy eye

@doreenarhin1559 says:

I'm a doctor of optometry student, I would like to be a neuro- optometrist. Can I know more

@Thomas-tl4ns says:

How soon after a brain injury should a person be assessed.My daughter had a severe brain injury 3 months ago and the Doctors refused to get an in house consult.She is now saying she cant see.

@TheShredfest89 says:

Awesome job posting this

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